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Pune stands amongst the top 6 cities in India, in terms of Startups representation as per a recent report published in “Your Story” one of the most renowned Startup media reporting agency .

In January, 2016 The Prime Minister of India, launched the Start up India Initiative. The Department Industries , Policy and Promotion board by the Gov of India , started recognizing startups that meet the criteria stipulated under Startup India Program by giving them DIPP Numbers.

Upon realizing the communication gap that exists between the DIPP members, Niti-Aayog and Start up India Founders, leading to slow take off of various schemes announced by the Govt. to encourage entrepreneurship, Startups recognized by the DIPP have proactively come together under the DIPP Startups banner to help each other tackle various issues faced by individual startups and increase their chances of success as well as to form a formal communication channel to deal directly with concerned Ministries and Departments of the Government and also provide them with the latest updates taking place in the startup community first hand.

Yogesh Madhane , has taken the lead to bring all the Maharashtra regd DIPP Startups together to help in sharing of knowledge and updates,   act as a support system, help guide and provide valuable support to the startups and also help leverage their collective strength to address their issues.

Pune Chapter with more than 55 Startups and growing fast is estimated to cross the 100 mark soon. A Few enterprising Entrepreneurs took the lead in organizing the first meet which included Pankaj Bhandari, Kiran Pisal, Anurav Rane and Navin Choudhary which was held on Friday 23rd June 2018   at Marigold , Kalyaninagar . 

Vibhav Kelkar, Thomas Abraham, Pankaj Bhandari, Navin Choudhari, Anurav Rane, Narendra Kumar were nominated as the Core Committee members to represent DIPP Startups Pune Chapter at various forums and platforms .

The Core Committee will share information among members , help address their core issues , network , collaborate, and help each other grow and have planned to create a strong support system by inviting and interacting with various partners of Eco System from various parts of India frequently to give the best advantage to all Start ups. 

Core Committee is already in discussion and will be meeting the Minister of Industries and Commerce Shri .Suresh Prabhu to apprise him about the much needed support for the Start ups.

The Core Committee also has plans to meet Chief Minister to request them to implement the Maharastra Start up Policy (Launched in January,2018, but has still not been implemented at the grassroots level at various Govt dept) to be implemented as soon as possible and in right way, as the right support to these Start ups may help to generate Employment in excess of 10000 jobs by Startups in Pune itself. 

Few of the Startups that participated in the inaugural meet at Pune, introduced their Products and Services included Pursullence represented by Pankaj Bhandari, Info4Kids represented by Thomas Abraham, Podrones Logistics Pvt Ltd  represented by Navin Choudhary, Plan My Medical Trip represented by Anurav Rane, HomeDigiland Services represented by Kiran Pisal ApneAreaMein.com represented by Devendra Sarda, HEXANIKA Solutions represented by Yogesh Pandit, Digitalize Smartly represented by Narendra Singh Rathore ,

Fitsperts represented by Sunny Gupta, Nexus represented by Mateen Jahagirdar, Instereo AR represented by Sarang Mokashi, M Vendors represented by Maruti Kendre, EVisipro represented by Yogesh Ghorpade, Uplode Foodie represented by Yogesh Ghorpade,

BioPrime Agrisolutions represented by Dr Shekhar Bhosle, Si-Bi Software LLP represented by Vibhav Kelkar.

With the DIPP Startup Forum in place, its members expect to have a much better coordination with all stakeholders , ultimately realizing the Startup India Dream of having many more startups that will be able to push the success rate in entrepreneurship , generate employment ,and create innovative spirit to solve many social problems.


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