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Gurugram, 14th Aug, 2019

Authored By – Saumyajit Roy, Founder and CEO, EMOHA eldercare

I have fond memories of celebrating “Rakhi” also called “Raksha Bandhan” as I grew up in Ranchi, way back in the 80’s. Having a twin sister, only 4 minutes elder to me meant special moments of touching her feet once a year and getting special blessings. What made Raksha Bandhan even more special was tying Rakhi to my grandparents, as a special promise to protect them and take care of them. Little did I know back then, that destiny would lead me to specialize in elder care and be part of a journey to create India’s most comprehensive, globally benchmarked elder care firm to protect and secure elders.


Emoha Elder Care took birth two years back and is now active and operational in National Capital Region of Delhi, creating a “Raksha Bandhan” or as we call an “envelope of care” around them. With more than 10 crore senior citizens and the number increasing exponentially, providing emergency care to elders has become a major challenge for the country. With families going nuclear and children living apart from their parents, looking after the aging population of India has become a matter of great concern.


To make life easier for senior citizens and provide them with 360-degree solutions, Emoha Eldercare is the first company in India to launch a range of emergency care services for elders alongside additional offerings to make life simple for senior citizens. Emoha Eldercare has re-engineered adult healthcare and welfare in the country, taking ‘home-based’ senior citizen care to the next level with an overall aim of improving the lifestyle of people in their golden years.


At Emoha Eldercare, safety of the elders is of prime importance. It has designed a model to address matters related to emergency focused on elders. Its engagement with elders commences with health assessment followed by a detailed home assessment to understand potential hazards in an elder’s home. This data along with smart sensors allows for a 24/7 response to any emergency anywhere in the city or at home. Emoha Eldercare’s emergency response mechanism ensures that a community coordinator with an ex-defence background along with a paramedic nurse reaches the home, while ensuring that an ambulance is coordinated to reach within 15-30 minutes of activating an emergency. 


Elders have always provided un-conditional love and support for their children. Irrespective of age or health condition, each elder today needs different levels of care. Emoha Eldercare now presents an opportunity for children and elders to ‘re-imagine retirement’ and discover a secure and energized life through Emoha Elder Care’s multi-spectral envelope of care services spanning engagement, health, safety, emergency and support services.


At EPOCH Homes, Emoha’s partner and India’s leading provider assisted living and dementia care services, Rakhi is celebrated with merriment coupled with an array of activities. On Raksha Bandhan, the female care attendants visit the homes with pooja thalis (prayer plates) and tie rakhi to all the residents, apply tilak/kumkum on their foreheads and treat them to delectable sweets whilst taking their blessings! They also tie Rakhi to their male colleagues – who they consider as their brothers. The grand finale of this festival is celebrated with music and dance wherein both staff and residents participate enthusiastically, followed by a special lunch from our in-house kitchen curated by our F&B manager.


We also encourage our residents to invite their family members and even make arrangements for our residents to visit their brothers or sisters who are local residents. This year Raksha Bandhan coincides with Independence Day, so the fun doubles at EPOCH homes! The day starts with flag hoisting, ensued by tying of rakhis, tea and snacks and then music, dance and games culminating in special Independence Day cum Raksha Bandhan lavish lunch. Our homes in Gurgaon, Vermeer and Frida have a host of activities planned by the staff which includes solo and group dance performances, a skit and a shayari session. Like we always do, we encourage our residents to speak a few words about the festival, sing a song or two and break a leg with us!




EMOHA is re-imagining eldercare, starting with India as the first location globally where a 360-degree envelope of care would be delivered within an elder’s current home. EMOHA is led by industry leaders in Geriatric care, Urban planning, Care management and Smart Technologies. It has put together world class practices, care protocols and technology solutions to offer a comprehensive “at home” service, designed specifically for elders, irrespective of age or condition. The concept is to offer an “envelope of care” whenever, whatever and wherever on terms defined by the elder. The aim is to build an EMOHA community of elders who are secure, cared for, independent and find a purpose through the various initiatives EMOHA does within the home and the extended community.

For more information please connect with:
MensenTock Communications, New Delhi
Palak Garodia @ 99 100 68034 | [email protected]
Neha Agrawal @ 99 100 68014 | [email protected]

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