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Glance Unveils Gaming On Its Content Platform

Bangalore, India – June 06, 2019 – Glance, the world’s first screen zero has introduced games on the lock screen. Embedded on the smartphone’s screen, the gaming universe can now be accessed directly on screen zero.

Glance, a lock screen content platform for mobile users had introduced Glance Gaming in January 2019. With more than 100 games to choose from, the platform is one of the fastest growing gaming destinations. Glance Gaming combines two essential elements – scale and ease of access.

“Millennials across India and Bharat are looking for snack-able content to fill their micro-moments through the day. We believe that there is a bit of a gamer in each one of us. Glance Gaming plugs a big gap in the market by bringing lightweight games directly to consumer’s lock screens,” said Rohan Choudhary, Vice President Product & Founding Team, Glance. “Users can now discover and play a wide range of highly curated games without having to search for games. They are voting for Glance Gaming with their time and engagement, and we plan to build upon it by bringing more features and content, both global and local, to this truly disruptive platform.”

Currently, one in four of all Glance users are gamers; of this, 12% represent power gamers. The upward shift in engagement is significantly higher even as per industry benchmarks. A Glance gamer averages 4.2 gaming sessions, higher than the industry standard, which ranges between three and four sessions of casual gaming apps in India.

Moreover, registration, logins and sharing of personal details have been taken out of the equation to simplify and enhance the gamer’s user journey. Also, given the collaborative nature of the gaming ecosystem, features like share and extending challenges to other players have been built into the ecosystem to enhance the user experience.

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About Glance

Glance is the world’s first screen zero that consumers use across connected devices to experience the Internet. Glance’s AI-powered personalization enables consumers to enjoy content, product and services of their choice, in a simple and visually stunning way. Glance is a free-to-use, zero ad platform. The Internet Starts Here is a trademark of Glance. For more information please visit Glance.

About InMobi Group

InMobi Group’s mission is to power intelligent, mobile-first experiences for enterprises and consumers. Its businesses across advertising, marketing, data and content platforms are shaping consumer experience in a world of connected devices. The group’s portfolio companies include InMobi – a Unified Marketing Cloud, TruFactor – a Secure Data Platform for businesses, and Glance – the world’s first Screen Zero. InMobi Group has been recognized on both the 2018 and 2019 CNBC Disruptor 50 list and as one of Fast Company’s 2018 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

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