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GoFloaters Launches operations in Bengaluru

Bengaluru – January 17, 2019 – GoFloaters, the on-demand work spaces startup that provides innovative, affordable and flexible work spaces on-demand for startups and freelancers, today announced the launch of its operations in Bengaluru after successfully completing a pilot run.

GoFloaters will provide coworking spaces across Bengaluru through its wide network of partner cafes, restaurants & bars. In addition to it, it will also provide meeting rooms, training rooms, plug-n-play offices on demand. Users can discover, book and pay for the spaces through the GoFloaters platform (available as Android and iOS apps) on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.

“The idea behind GoFloaters was borne from the lack of affordable, convenient and multi-modal office space in India. The current model coworking and business centers is broken when it comes to freelancers, startups and mobile workforce” said Shyam Sundar, GoFloaters Founder and CEO.

“We are extremely encouraged by the response we have got in Chennai in the last 1 year and has given us the confidence to expand the operations across India and Internationally. We did a limited pilot in Bangalore in the last three months and we couldn’t be more happier with the response” said Srivatsan Padmanabhan, GoFloaters Co-founder and COO.

Shyam Sundar enthusiastically adds “Startups and Freelancers need office spaces readily available to use only when they actually need it. We want to create work spaces that basically ‘floats’ with you wherever you go and does not pinch the pocket. We are on a mission to build the ‘future of working’ from ground up”.

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GoFloaters has brought about two paradigm shifts to the market. Firstly, they work with cafes and restaurants and let them monetize space and time as against only food. Secondly, they work with businesses who have spare or underutilized capacity and let their spaces out for others to use. This shared economy and shared consumption play makes is possible for them to offer spaces at affordable and flexible plans. They also help maximize the utilization of existing capacity.

GoFloaters has seen double digit growth every month since its launch and has created quite a buzz in Chennai. On an average users save upto 40% on office rental costs by using GoFloaters spaces.

About GoFloaters

GoFloaters provides work spaces that can be booked on an on-demand and pay-as-you-use basis. Their “office on the go” spaces can be booked through their mobile apps or website. Their platform helps startups and freelancers to discover, book and pay for innovative, affordable and flexible work spaces across the city.

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