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Hottest gifting trend: Special personalized birthday songs with names of your loved one for their D Day!

Bae’s birthday around the corner? Is your BFF expecting something super special for her D Day? Year on year, the pressure of choosing the best possible gifts go overboard. Pinching pockets and taking your mental sanity away! Read on as we have got the perfect surprise planned. Unique, warmly touching and ultra-affordable! Yes, you can thank us later…

Birthdays are so special to each and all…and rightly so. What makes it extra special? All the love and wishes you receive from those important to you. Yes, celebrating them close to your heart on their special day is but essential.

Expensive bags, branded clothes or gift cards might be greatly appreciated. But do you know what really strikes a special chord and edges a fond memory for years to come? Something that stands out and distinct. A gift that is thoughtful and tailored to the birthday boy or girl uniquely! Yes, personalized goodies and wishes make for the best kind of birthday presents.

The extra effort and thought put behind a personalized favour are apparent and so is the love! A gift that is endearing, to say the least, personalized wishes touch the heart and bring a wide teeth-y smile almost immediately!

So we’re saying….get personal and creative with birthday gifts for your loved ones from now! Simple, elegant cards are beauteous…but are you set for taking birthday wishes to the next level?

How about gifts or cards in the form of special birthday songs with the birthday girl/boy’s names in the lyrics? And their pictures in the graphics? Who wouldn’t want the creation of an entire song personally done for them on their birthday?

Yes, Birthday Songs with Names dedicated just to your special one…Sounds wonderful but far too much effort and money?

Behold and go musical as here is It lets you do just that and in a crazily easy manner.

Yes, the website actually houses over 7000 pre-made Birthday Songs with Names already. Thus they have covered all major names. From Indian origin ones to Christian style names… those starting from alphabet A to those from Z. More often than not, you shall be able to find a song with the birthday girl/boy’s name already created and live!

Relation-vice songs are also available say for ‘dadaji’, ‘Chachu’, ‘Madam’ or ‘Amma’.

However, if for a reason you cannot find a song with a suitable name, you can write to the company and they’d be happy to help!

So how does it all work?

Find the perfect Birthday Songs with Names of your special one on the website. shall help you to browse through all available names. There is a whole bandwidth of alphabets on the page right from A to Z. Select the alphabet the birthday person’s name starts from.
A drop-down menu shall show you all the names starting from the alphabet available in songs. Find and select the name once you spot it. Finally, select the music out of the options. You can listen to previews before finalizing.

Share on Facebook or Twitter handles of the birthday girl/boy to blast off the good cheer with all their friends and family.

Wait…there’s something even more awesome! Not only emails, but you can also download the song or burn it into CD etc.

In fact, how about getting someone to sing this special birthday song to your loved one over the phone? Yes, forget e-cards and make the experience yet more exciting.

A surprise call from a random number to your loved one on their special day singing a song dedicated just to them! How lovely. Isn’t it? All this in 3 steps and nothing more.

Step 1: Find the name of the birthday boy or girl.

Step 2: Select the song you love most out of the available options and

Step 3: Provide the number and Voila.

Your person shall get the most surprising birthday call of their life. A special Birthday song with name of your loved one sung just for them. Making their day ever more special!

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