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In troubled times, Mera Cashier raises money from Singer Sukhbir Singh and others

Sukhbir Singh, eminent Bollywood singer, India Accelerator, Boudhik Ventures, Shankar Nath (ex-CMO, PayTM) and Shaurya Garg (Founder, Fundoo Works) have invested $ 150K in FinTech startup Mera Cashier.

Sukhbir says “Mera Cashier is giving the user the gift of time which is extremely scarce in these days. He adds using “Mera Cashier” is a good decision for any businessmen.”

Launched in July 2019, Mera Cashier is an app for small and micro businessmen to record and manage credit transactions. The app boasts of some unique features like managing both credit taken from suppliers and credit given in the market, using QR code to record transactions thereby improving efficiency of the business, and one app that the user and his customers can download and view the transactions involved.

The founding team Suneel Kumar, Gaurav Tomar and Sucharita Reddy are excited to partner with Sukbhir. Sucharita says, “Sukhbir has been a great support for us and shares the same vision as us to empower the small and micro businessmen of the country with technology. With our obsession for customer focus, we have been able to win the confidence of many users. It makes us happy when our users call us only to tell us how useful our app has been for them in their business. Our vision is to be the number one destination for the small and micro businessmen of the country”

With 2.5Lac downloads in a short span of 8 months, Mera Cashier is seeing amazing traction from businessmen across country. Gaurav, who manages the technology at the Mera Cashier, mentions that every couple of weeks, there is a new feature that is launched on Mera Cashier. Each and every feature has been thought through from the lens of a businessman and that is what is making Mera Cashier popular amongst the businessmen across country. We have a very strong focus on keeping the interface simple and easy to use, especially for people who are recent adopters of technology. We have strong presence in Northern India but we are seeing strong increase in downloads from Southern India as well. Mera Cashier is also helping merchants in covid-19 lockdown situation by enabling merchants to keep records updated and also send payment reminders to their customers.

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Sukhbir’s investments comes 3 months later to the initial investment round that Mera Cashier had picked up from Startup Buddy’s founders and others angels.

Mona Singh, Cofounder of India Accelerator says, “We are thrilled to partner with Mera Cashier in their journey to become the leading SaaS company for credit management. The company is solving a big consumer need by enabling millions of small and micro businesses to get access to the best software solution for their day-to-day business requirements. India Accelerator’s association is more than just capital. We will leverage our vast network to help the company scale to pan-India level.”

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