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India’s first ever startup HR toolkit by Sutra HR helps you save time & money together!!!

Sutra HR has been a pioneer of startup hiring in India. Their experience is immense having recruited 5000+ professionals over the past decade. Sutra HR recently launched a new product ‘StartupHR Toolkit’. The idea behind StartupHR Toolkit is to make HR Documentation an easy and quick process. Today more than 100 organizations are using StartupHR Toolkit.
MUMBAI– The company is known to expand and diversify whenever they can. It is a known fact that making HR Docs is a time-consuming process. Making these documents, policies, letters, etc. is not an easy task, especially in the ever-evolving Startup and SME Industry. Imagine wasting your precious time in writing and making documents, which in itself would not be an affordable thing to do. This has generated demand for a product like StartupHR Toolkit, which consists of ready-to-use HR document templates. Being in the HR Industry for more than a decade has helped Sutra HR understand the need for a product that makes the whole documentation process hassle-free. StartupHR Toolkit majorly targets SMEs and Businesses’ that cannot afford to have a designated HR Manager or HR Department.
StartupHR Toolkit is the smartest way to make HR Docs. They aim to be the go-to product when it comes to the HR Documentation process. The toolkit contains 120+ Job Descriptions, 50+ Employee Policies, 40+ HR Manuals, 30+ Letter Templates, and much more.
Sutra HR is providing all of these things through StartupHR Toolkit for a fraction of amount that you would otherwise spend in making such documents through an HR Consultant. Even if you have a designated HR Department, StartupHR Toolkit makes their lives hassle-free and lets them focus on other important aspects of the business. The StartupHR Toolkit is designed to save you both time and money.
Mr. Waqar Azmi said, “Our experience of over a decade in the HR domain has made us aware of the many problems which an HR Professional faces in their day to day life. HR documentation is one of them. Official documents create credibility for the Employer by showing that employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner. We have compiled over 200+ HR DOCS from some of the most experienced HR professionals in the industry. All of the documents are legally compliant and are up to date. Our vision is to be the go-to destination for any HR DOCS and in the process help Employers build a strong relationship with their Employees.”
StartupHR Toolkit offers its customers ready-to-use HR Templates to make the documentation process hassle-free. The StartupHR Toolkit offers is available for a minimal amount of Rs.2,999/- It is a onetime investment and there are no additional hidden charges.
StartupHR Toolkit has recently started an affiliate program wherein you can become an affiliate and earn Rs. 500/- per toolkit that’s sold through your reference.
Thanks to StartupHR Toolkit now you can edit and print HR Docs within minutes. With StartupHR Toolkit you’re not only buying the product itself but what you’re really buying is more time for you.
About SutraHR:
SutraHR ( is one of Asia’s fastest growing HR companies that aspire to be amongst the top Three HR Companies based out of India in the next two years. The aim is to become a highly experiential and inspiring HR brand. SutraHR works with companies in the e-commerce, mobile and new-age technology space, where companies go from zero to billion dollars in less than five years. As a market leader, the company has a massive advantage of revolutionizing the HR practices in India. SutraHR is a multi-million dollar enterprise having strength of 100+ employees and gunning for 250+ employees in a year’s time. For more information on the open positions in the company, please visit the career section in the website:
You can buy the toolkit or book a tour on their website here:
Charmy Khakkhar: +91 9222214187

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