According to analysis and figures given by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the size of Indian Cosmetics Industry globally is $274 billion, while that of in India, it is $4.6 billion. The overall beauty industry in India has been showing rapid growth between 15-20% annually. The beauty industry is rising immensely all across the country, than ever. There is a stiff, cut-throat competition among Beauty and Grooming brands. One such name is Beauty & More. Beauty & More has emerged as the largest network of beauty and wellness products with over 1 Lakh+ customers in Mumbai. It was found back in 2008, in the dream city of India- Mumbai. There was a huge competition at the time Beauty & More started, but with its high-product quality &branding it sustained and stood out the rest.

The founder of Beauty & More, Mr. Vaseem Kapadia says that he didn’t have much experience in this field. It was his faith, uphill struggle and confidence that lead him to where they stand today. Beauty and More consistently strives to provide and fulfill the possible needs of masses from Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business market in the beauty industry. They envisioned of cover all the possible needs of a consumer. Today, Beauty & More sells more than 6000+ products under one roof which scales up to 7000 sq. ft. space. Beauty & More has managed to set the supply of beauty products all over India. With their services, every customer can have their hands over a wide range of products, they’ve been eyeing on since forever.

To top it all off, their consumers can avail the best, heavy and attractive discounts running all 365 days a year, on all the products they sell. They come up with various engaging and fun activities for their consumers. They grant after-sales services, product quality and assuring the best and affordable prices all over Mumbai. As of now, Beauty & More is trying to expand their business by opening 5 more outlets in Mumbai itself. In the upcoming 2 years, they aim to cover the South & suburban region of Mumbai.

The retail beauty and cosmetics market in India is currently estimated at USD 950 million, is pegged at USD 2.68 billion by the year 2020. The beauty care market in India is likely to become the main contributor to the growth of the Indian wellness industry and it consists of salons, cosmetic products, cosmetic treatment centers, and cosmetic products. Women contribute to over 85% of the salon industry revenue, while the men’s hair is the next wave set to hit the Indian salon industry.

The cosmetics industry has witnessed a tremendous growth in the past few years due to rising beauty concerns among both men and women. Over the last five years, the growth figures for cosmetic products, salons, and cosmetic treatments are 60%, 35% and 5%, respectively. In accordance with the latest research report, the Indian cosmetics market registered impressive sales, and with rising purchasing power and growing fashion consciousness, the industry is estimated to expand at an annual growth rate of around 17%. Various luxurious brands such as Bodyography, Victoria Secrets, Labiocos and much more are expected to clamor for the Indian consumer wallet and mindshare by 2020. Most of these international brands are trying to cash in on the huge appetite for foreign cosmetic brands in India. Beauty & More has seen all of these transitions over a year and it would be interesting to see how well they are going to do in the upcoming years. We wish them all the luck in the world.



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