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Getting your place designed is one the most exciting things you do to feel more connected to the place. A single stroke can change the design, a simple choice of pink over hot pink gives a completely new look. Everything in designing has to be specific and done meticulously. It is not something that takes places on a routine basis. India is a labor-intensive country, yet it becomes a very time-consuming process to find skilled labor that would do the job perfectly. And the whole process of designing takes way more time than promised, and since it is not possible for us to live in a partially decorated house, we cannot step back even if we want to. It creates a feeling of helplessness and we have to live with it until the work finally completes. Another problem that arises is our lack of knowledge about designing or how an interior may be done. An individual is not aware of what he is being served and he rather ends up being agitated and dissatisfied.

Dev and Akshata, first-generation entrepreneurs understood this challenge and hence De Space was Akshata is an architect and handles the designing and conceptualisation, Dev, an MBA from Symbiosis handles the sales, marketing, and operations department. Their venture offers end-to-end solutions for an individual’s interior needs. De Space Interiors possesses a strong backend team of contractors, carpenters, painters, and electricians which releases the clients from the stress of finding some good ones on their own. It provides transparency to keep one aware of what is happening and what would be the end result. Every place is designed considering the space, the lifestyle, and personality of the individuals. Innovation in design and a positive client experience is what De Space thrives on.

In a highly price sensitive market, De Space has stayed away from any kind of Freemium model, which has turned out to be beneficial for them. Their creative and practical minds have helped them be at a profitable mode since their very first project, which is a tough thing to achieve as a startup, especially in a market where there are plenty of interior designers. They work on ‘design only’ and ‘turnkey modes’. Design only costs are calculated as per the number of man-hours that they need to dedicate for designing the interiors. The turnkey mode covers the labor, material, and designing of the project and is charged accordingly (with margins taken care of).

Evidently, the way they work is different and better which is also felt by the people who chose them over others and helped them reach this milestone. It started from a simple praise of their place which was designed by Akshata herself and as of now, they have completed 350+ projects. In this highly unorganized sector, De Space can be considered as a step towards creating an organized and professional setup. More power to the team!

Their work can be viewed on their Facebook page –

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