The leading shipping automation company launches ‘Ezyslips Returns’ – a returns management tool with 3PL integration for superior customer service

Gurugram, May 2019: Ezyslips, Multichannel Order management & shipping automation, with the core idea of helping out e-commerce merchants re-align the cumbersome process of returns management and run their online store effectively, launches ‘Ezyslips Returns’ – an Automated Returns and Replacement Management system with 3PL integration.

With the help of Ezyslips Returns, now E-commerce merchants can manage return and exchange request in a single panel. The merchants can automatically generate reverse pickups using the 3PL automation offered by Ezyslips.

The Indian E-commerce market is expected to reach USD 200 billion by 2026 as per IBEF. In this competitive market, this is essential for e-commerce merchants to have a good returns policy as it builds trust with customers. Furthermore, a return policy needs to have good technology to support the return process. With an aim to strengthen the Indian e-commerce industry by providing a robust and efficient returns management system, Ezyslips has come up with their latest product ‘Ezyslips Returns’ – which will help merchants

Excited about the launch, Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Founder, Ezyslips, said, “With returns averaging around 20% of the sales across e-commerce, one needs to have a robust system in place for effective management. Another survey by UPS stated that 15% of customers abandon a cart when the return policy is unclear. This intrigued us to come with a tech-based solution for e-commerce merchants. Our vision is to help the merchants with the returns automation tool to process their returns in an easy & efficient manner and to provide a better customer experience which eventually leads to more loyal customers and help them generate a stream of revenue in the long term.”

This industry has the potential to grow four folds up to USD 150 billion by 2022 aided with rising per capita income and increase in the number of internet users. We want merchants to leverage the best-in-class technology to thrive and grow in this nurturing economy. Ezyslips has been the leader in the niche of automating the e-commerce shipping and will continue to deliver effective and comprehensive tech solutions.” added Mr. Gupta.

About EzySlips

EzySlips was founded in August 2015 and is a multi-channel fulfillment automation solution that was conceived with a vision to make the order processing system more efficient for vendors. EzySlips allows its clients to scale their system and improve their customer experience as it helps in automating the order processing for vendors. It is essentially an automated shipping and back office management  solution for e-commerce store owners and sellers

Website- https://ezyslips.com/home.php

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