Founded by Spanish architect Aryanour Djalali, DNA BARCELONA ARCHITECTS
is a global architecture firm committed to developing futuristic, organic,
technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation
of affinity for nature. With its core design philosophy of a vision for the city of the
future based in the spiritual and emotional needs of residents DNA endeavors to
create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment.
DNA is a studio of Architecture, Planning, Landscape, Interiors, and Design,
that develops projects with a high calibre of innovation within a global strategy
of internationalisation.

DNA translates the ideas of projects with sense to make them real. Every
project is unique, with its own personality, its own soul and its own “DNA”.
DNA “Building Lives” “One 2 One” our planning process leads to a project +
commercial strategy.

In order to improve our way of working steadily, we’ve created our Technical
Department, researching about new designs with the latest technology,
looking for new construction systems and envelopes, through the implementation
of energy efficiency and sustainability concepts.

A new concept of architecture is possible with the new software solutions,
in order to develop new designs and spaces, we use all kinds of tools to
create and integrate a multidisciplinary process, the BIM manager tools,
the 3d, and video representations are only examples.

The integration of multidisciplinary team in the international environment has
contributed to the creation of added value, and in consequence to the success
of realised projects, we apply a process of multiple phases planning, where the
interaction of a diversity of external collaborators allows us with total guarantee
to deal with a wide range of projects.


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