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Mahendra Singh Foundation Inc appoints Aishwarya Sharma as their India brand ambassador

Mahendra Singh Foundation (MSF), a 501(c) 3 status New York based organisation to reinvent the power of survivors of Domestic Abuse, Rape, physical Harm & Acid attack VAW, recently announced the appointment of Aishwarya Shama as their India brand ambassador for their recent project called #takethepowerback. While most of the other bloggers from her industry are obsessing over the new trends and trying to achieve a certain body type, Aishwarya Sharma is utilising her blog (Figuramoda) to speak up against the very fads through her fashion blog posts and is a fashion activist.

Since the very beginning, Aishwarya had her goals clear in her mind. And so, it took this young girl no time to realize that fashion blogging is still a cliche in the society and that fashion bloggers are constrained to a presentation of brands, clothing, and monopolies of e-commerce websites and this marked the beginning of her journey of ‘Fashion For Purpose’.

While sharing her own power story with Mahendra Singh Foundation, Aishwarya was quoted saying “Fashion truly has motivated me, it kept me hoping for better days. When in my head I had given up so badly. And this is not about the fashion that you read about in the magazines. This is the kind of fashion that pushes you to be brave everyday. Today I know that I don’t need to be someone else and I don’t need to look flawless. The day I found my power back is when I realised I don’t need to look perfect. I just need to be myself, the imperfect self, and believe in what I do. That is my power story! #TakeThePowerBack”.

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This project called #takethpowerback is an attmept to provide these girls with a platform to re-define themselves. Through this project, Mahendra Singh foundation Inc. will help these women achieve their life’s mission, which they desired to pursue before becoming a victim.

MSF is the foundation to reach out to many great NGO’s and Foundation with the mission of End violence against women, Acid Attack and Rape. The foundation is joining hands and extending their hand together to fight against violence towards girls and women. Monica Mahendra Singh, Founder and President is the driving force behind all this work. Monica, herself being a motivational speaker, UN Women Youth Champion, and an influencer, has been an acid attack survivor. There has been an increasing number of acid attacks and other heinous crimes against women in recent times, world over. MSF wants to spread awareness and educate people on how it changes the lives of survivors.

And powerful women coming out and extending their support to each other is our most favorite thing in the world, anyway.

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