Online Shoppers paradise- Discount & Cashback by an Entrepreneur from Udaipur


Rapidly growing economy of India has been the result of the talent available within the country. The youth has been doing well. We would like to introduce one such entrepreneur Nikhil Singh. He is young and dynamic in his approach. After completing his MBA and MCA, he had started working as an IT consultancy provider for overseas clients. Gradually he observed the growing ecommerce market of India. The consumers today are benefiting from competition amongst the big giants such as Amazon and Flipkart. Nikhil found the means through which these consumers can gain even more benefit for their online shopping. As a result, he has come up with the plan to partner with most of the reputed sites of India and establish a platform through which consumers can do shopping, book a flight/ hotel, recharge their mobile etc at better price.

Nikhil had introduced the Discount Coupon & Cashback site named as in India in the year 2016, with the aim of offering best deals for the consumers of India. Most of the people today shop online to save time as well as money. This concept here added further benefit to the consumers in the form of discount vouchers as well as an extra cashback. For an example, if one wishes to shop for apparels on Flipkart and he get the discount voucher worth 20% off. Why would the person not use that voucher? One struggles in finding good offers and ends up paying more. If there is a single platform under which the consumers can get through the discounts and offers availed by all the leading sites, wouldn’t it be great? Nikhil had understood the need of this and came up with the site BachaoCash that does not only offer discount coupons, but also gives an extra cashback to the users for their shopping with the partner sites.

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One must be wondering about the concept of cashback. Basically the partner sites offer commission to BachaoCash whenever the user shops at their site through BachaoCash. As a courtesy of the founder, BachaoCash passes on that commission to the users in the form of cashback. This cashback can be redeemed as real cashback directly into user’s bank account, or one can even get Gift Card of Amazon/ Flipkart as per individual preference, which is equivalent to the real money.


What’s more interesting is that the service is absolutely free for the people. One can directly register at and get an access to all the coupons and promotions offered by their partner sites.


As can be depicted from the word ‘Bachao’ ‘Cash’, one can easily save considerable amount of money while shopping through this site.

Thanks to the team of BachaoCash for offering this service for free. Click here to Join.

If you have any query, write to them directly.


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