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Pop Up India Incubator 2018: A unique platform to boost open innovation and co-creation for startups and social innovations

Pop Up India, a one of a kind incubator is reaching out to all the startups, social innovations, passionate entrepreneurs and connected NGO’s making a difference by solving challenges related to the low-income segment. The incubator program

is currently accepting applications with the objective of discovering compelling solutions that solve identified challenges across essential services, waste management and composting

The Pop Up Incubator will provide participants, through a co-creation and incubation process, the opportunity to jointly refine their solution to successfully

and scale their business model with a world environment leader. 

This process will be undertaken while ensuring positive social, economic, and environmental impact for key stakeholders at the local level.

The Incubator is a joint initiative by Ennovent, a business innovation catalyst, and Veolia, a global leader with over 160 years of expertise and 179,000 employees around the world. 

The program is seeking inclusive and sustainable solutions from across the country. Any early-stage start-ups and social enterprises that can help solve 1 or more of the identified challenges below can apply:

A. Access to Essential Services: Any innovations on the consumer side of utility services including water, electricity, insurance, banking, telecom or any other sector in India. Solutions could include:

1.     Communication-related: Organizations currently working in generating awareness or creating consumer behavior change across BoP segment

2.     Finance-related: Organizations providing financial tools and micro-finance options for the low-income segment

3.     Digital Documentation-related: Organizations supporting in streamlining and simplifying manual, offline application process with real-time tracking visibility

4.     Payment-related: Organizations offering convenient payment solutions for low-income segment

B. Managing Solid Waste Management: Innovations currently working with individual households, municipalities and communities in sustainably collecting and treating their solid waste. The incubator is seeking organizations that can either improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the existing waste management value chain, engage the informal sector or better recycle the municipal solid waste.

C. Compost Valorization: Innovations that are currently involved in demand creations of sustainable purchase and use of compost. Any organization that is involved in selling or marketing compost based products are eligible to apply for the incubator program

Ennovent’s expertise lies in catalyzing businesses with sustainable solutions for low-income markets. The collaboration between Veolia and Ennovent amalgamates the symbiotic expertise of both the partners. Vipul Kumar, Country Director Ennovent says, ” Our ultimate goal is to help social innovations realize their vision and get their solutions to have a wider impact. Working with creative disruptors helps in finding new ways of providing products and solutions for underserved communities.” 

This incubator seeks India-based innovations that create core impact and has the potential for growth. Enterprises must demonstrate the ability to implement and scale their proposed project, supported by a realistic financial and implementation plan, with a qualified team. The projects will be selected through a competitive selection process and the top 5 finalists will then go for a 6-week co-creation phase with Veolia and Ennovent. During this phase, start-ups develop plans for creating and testing the minimum viable product or service in Veolia’s value chain. As part of the official program, selected start-ups and social enterprises will receive industry leading partnership, mentoring from experts, networking opportunities, access to finance and investor communities.

The team is currently reviewing innovations for the incubator program. Applications are open till June 30th, 2018 and can be submitted directly through the online website at www.popupindia.org

About Lead Partners

Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management.  With 160 years of expertise in the fields of water, waste, and energy, Veolia provides innovative solutions for human progress, well being and better performance of businesses and regions. With over 179,000 employees around the world, Veolia helps cities and industries to manage and optimize their resources. The company provides an array of solutions related to water, energy, and materials – with special attention given to water recovery – to foster the transition towards a circular economy.

Ennovent, based in Austria and South Asia, catalyzes businesses with sustainable solutions. Ennovent partners with the private, public and third sector to take novel business ideas to these markets in developing countries. Since 2008, Ennovent has catalyzed over 230 innovations in 30 countries through 50 projects for a wide range of clients.

For General Queries: [email protected]

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