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Zippserv launches ‘Group Buy’- A Tool for Group Negotiations in Real Estate for Home Buyers

Bengaluru – India, April 01, 2019: Zippserv, India’s first comprehensive Real-Estate Risk Assessment startup has launched “Group Buy” – a platform which empowers serious home buyers to leverage the power of groups to get the best discounts and deals within the same project. ‘Group Buy’ is a free product by Zippserv, that is designed to promote and create transparency for open dialogue and honest negotiation. This product has been conceived from the reality that builders typically offer different rates to different customers depending on factors such as demand supply, negotiation, amenities, etc. ‘Group Buy’ is a unique opportunity to negotiate the best deal possible with minimum effort and in a transparent manner, without bias or influence from third parties. Currently over 20% of the apartment buyers in Bangalore are using the various free products and tools built by Zippserv over the years.

Using the ‘Group Buy’ feature, Zippserv users can create or join an existing group on the website for RERA approved projects. Once verified, they are linked to other home buyers within the same project. The group is live for a period of twenty days wherein more buyers can join the group. After the end date, the group is closed and Zippserv acquaints all the participants who can then drive conversations, visits and negotiations with the builder to get the best deal possible. Zippserv has also made it convenient for builders and customers alike by letting builders offer instant group discounts to these serious buyers.

“Group Buy empowers apartment buyers to get the best deal by leveraging the power that comes with forming a group. This is first of its kind in the real estate sector to have an organised group approaching builders to make a bulk purchase.”-adds Mr. Sudeep Anandapuram, Co-founder & CEO of Zippserv.

“Property buyers often find themselves in situations which make them very uncomfortable. We have strived to create products that assist consumers in their decision making considering it is probably one of the largest transactions of their life. This is an attempt to empower them so as to enable them to negotiate from a strong vantage point”, adds Mr. Debashish Hota, Co-founder & COO with Zippserv

Studies have shown that home buying is lengthy process which could take up to two months or more. Zippserv helps to condense this purchase journey for a buyer. It lists out all the information a home buyer needs in order to begin their property search. Buyers can start their home buying journey by looking at a curated list of approved projects in the locality/ neighbourhood where they intend to buy. Projects that have been vetted by professionals have detailed reports with the exact next steps to be taken by the buyer. Group Buy, the biggest disrupter in the home buying market, will now further enable a buyer to leverage the power of the group and get the best deal possible. Thus, Zippserv is effective in bridging the entire process to less than two months helping buyers to avoid all the hassles they have to face while buying properties. In July 2018, Zippserv, raised a Pre-Series A funding of Rs. 3 crore (around $440,000) from their existing investors – Info Edge (India) Ltd.

The initiative also resonated with Mr. Om Ahuja, Ex- CEO Brigade Residential and JLL, a key investor of Zippserv. Commenting on the initiative, he said, “Zippserv’s Group Buy is a first of a kind platform where like-minded buyers conglomerate to approach buying within the same apartment project. This group buy platform creates transparency for open dialogue and honest negotiation while giving comfort and confidence to home buyers. This in turn also helps builders improve their conversions, reduces closing cost which can be passed on as a benefit to home buyers.”

About Zippserv:

Zippserv launched in December 2015 by Sudeep Anandapuram and Debashish Hota is positioned as India’s first comprehensive Real-Estate Risk Assessment platform that works towards safeguarding property investments of buyers. Zippserv was launched with a vision to remove the information asymmetry in the real-estate market and to empower property buyers with the requisite insights towards making their property buying experience stress-free and pleasant.

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