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Onebroz Productions is now a certified member of Producer Association of India

Onebroz Creations has crossed its first milestone towards success. Onebroz Creations is now Onebroz Productions. We gladly announce that Onebroz Productions is now a certified member of Producer Association of India.
Onebroz Productions is a talent hunt company saddling dreams of many people all around the world. Our vision is to make dreams come to reality for new as well as the strugglers in Media and Entertainment Industry. It’s never easy for new talents or for strugglers to succeed. We will make sure that you will land where you aim for.
With all the bright faces, newer opportunities and fascinating work profile, the glam industry has reached a pinnacle which at times is difficult to pace up with. In Media and Entertainment industry, everyday someone’s dream accomplished while other’s failed. This is where our work starts, by tying up artists and talent recruiters in a firm manner and bringing out best in the industry.
Mr. Karan Ahuja (M.D Onebroz Productions) says Explore the right talent with Onebroz Productions. He is the man behind the upbringing of such a great production company. The company that making entertainers dreams come true. Onebroz is picking the talent from each and every part of the country, providing them right training, polishing their skills and talent. Aspirants who are in search of opportunities to build up their career in Media and Entertainment Industry, we are here to provide them the right platform.
Why us because we are here to give wings to those who have all the talents but who don’t know where and how to go. We are a candle in the darkness to people who don’t know their path.
Onebroz Productions has recently introduced a new talent in the music industry. A melodious singer Jaskaran Jass, presenting a wonderful song “Chadd Yara” in his harmonious voice has been launched by Onebroz Productions. You can watch it on our youtube channel.
Onebroz Productions is a right platform which bring the perfect and right talent with polished skills into the entertainment sector to entertain people.
Another good news for you all, that we are organizing a Talent Hunt show on the name of “THE HIDDEN STARS”. This talent show would welcome talents like Modeling, Singing, Dancing & Comedy. We would appreciate the talents from all over the nation which would help Onebroz Productions to become a prominent name in every part of our country and every part of the world as well.
The show will be on 6 Oct,2017 and the venue for the show is ‘ The Indian Academy of Fine Arts” AMRITSAR (Punjab). Ms.Renu Tanotra will be our show manager, Rohan Verma (Marketing & Promotion Head), Sunny (Coordinator) & Shivam Passan (Choreographer). Related to this event auditions will start from 1 Sep,2017 on different locations. Our Amritsar office is situated at Rani ka Bagh, Near Nirankari Bhawan. For more updates whatsaap your details on our given number.
It is a golden chance for the participants to showcase their Talent and the best performers of the event will be given a chance to cast in our upcoming movie projects and music videos.
After this show we are planning for more shows across the nation and there will be a web series on our Onebroz channel and website.
In coming week we will publish our poster release and press conference. Presently we are shooting a video song. After this we will start shooting of our next movie and that will be a hindi feature film. Very soon we will announce the name of the movie on its inaugural.
Our teams are working at different locations in India such as Punjab, Delhi NCR,
Chandigarh, J&K, Himachal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat.
Register with us if you aspire to be known in all the elite circles, and will take you to the heights of success.
Stay tuned for more updates from Onebroz Productions.
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Whatsaap on:- +91-9417901900

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