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IoT – Internet of Things, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided by unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to a computer or human to human interaction. It is quite accurate to say that internet of things is a network of physical devices useful to us in our daily lives, such as a watch or even devices like home appliances and so on, to be embedded in software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity enabling these things to connect, collect and exchange data. IOT has resulted in efficiency improvement, economic benefit, and reduced human exertions. The global market value of IOT is said to reach $7.1 trillion by the time of 2020.
That is the worth of IOT, and such a market is created only because of the output it gives to the people and enterprises using it. Sensegrow has come up with a revolutionary IoEYE. IoEYE by Sensegrow is a cloud-based machine to machine platform. IoEYE helps it’s users to connect the devices to a cloud in just a few clicks and see the device data come to life. Such dynamic works by Sensegrow provides its clients with an utmost satisfaction and contentment. Not just satisfaction but the clients also report higher growth and a higher level of profit, while cutting onto the costs.
The structure of such a service, IoEYE is architecture around much higher complexities making solutions easy.
IoT monitoring
Founded in 2014, sense grow is a technology-based startup, started by group tech nerds and intellectuals. The team is a fairly dedicated one, promising to deliver quality services. The belief system is based on the notion that simple is beautiful and scalable. With such a strong philosophy and value system in place, Sensegrow makes its customers, their money, time and trust a number one priority.
Sensegrow has been able to bag a position of being included in top 100 industrial IOT companies. The strong portfolio built by Sensgrow is creating the best customer experience and important software solutions. ioEYE will never lock a customer into proprietary, technology and hardware. In this liberal world, such a solution gives a great freedom, that whenever you err, whenever you want to change your mind about anything you can do so while using ioEYE.
Some of the top leading companies are relying on and putting their faith in Sensegrow to get a good platform for their application building.
A few names that add to this list are
Winning the trust of such big companies is never an easy task. But the quality work speaks for itself, Sensgrow has delivered high standards of quality to these firms. Nonetheless, Sensegrow is happy to provide their clients with the best of what they could and consider themselves fortunate that the listed firms put their faith and trust in Sengrow’s IOT solutions.
Sensegrow is embarking on putting stepping stones and create a way towards becoming a leading SAAS IOT company. It has done a great journey and has come afar liberating IOT devices of staggering challenges.

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