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Spartan Nutrition: A New Age Supplement’s Brand by Rushabh V Choksi

Founded in early 2016, Spartan Nutrition is the brainchild of Mumbai based entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Rushabh V Choksi. A new age nutrition supplement’s brand, Spartan Nutrition offers a comprehensive range of powders, bars, tablets, capsules and ready to drink products professional fighters and people looking to increase their protein intake in general. The brand strives to provide the best nutrition supplements at the most affordable prices. 

All the products by Spartan Nutrition are 100% vegetarian, produced from pure ingredients in a state of the art ISO certified plant and are suitable for both men and women. Every supplement undergoes multiple austere quality checks at each step of the manufacturing process. Spartan Nutrition carefully selects the most premium raw materials and all the supplements are FSSAI Approved, making them completely safe for consumption. 

Spartan Nutrition is available across e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Healthkart, to name a few apart from the brand’s very own website. The brand also has a large chain of retail stores in the tier 2 cities. They are extensively expanding in the tier 2 cities of Maharashtra in order to reach out to the youths and educate them about the benefits of supplements. The founder of the brand, Rushabh V Choksi is a firm believer of “Make in India” but with Spartan Nutrition, his motto is “Make India”. He strongly believes that in order to make India better one needs to support the youth by making them stronger, fitter and healthier and that’s the exact philosophy Rushabh follows for his brand.  

The Spartan team comprises of specialists like an Ayurvedic Doctor, Pharmacist, Nutritionist and a Chemist along with experienced bodybuilders and athletes who work in unison to offer the best supplements to its patrons. Spartan Nutrition also has a ‘Spartan Army’ headed by the founder himself wherein the brand onboard gold medallists from different walks of the sports and fitness industry such as powerlifting, men’s physic and bodybuilding competitions to support them in achieving their goals to become professional bodybuilders. The brand plays a vital role in promoting women empowerment by supporting female athletes. Spartan Nutrition also owns a women football team by the name of ‘Spartan Army’.  

As the name “Spartan” suggests aggressiveness, power and rage, the brand fosters the will to fight and never give up. The brand has been actively participating in numerous expos, powerlifting championships, International Health, Fitness & Sports Festival (IHFF) and has also been supporting various bodybuilding associations over the years. 

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Rushabh V Choksi

Founder, Spartan Nutrition

Rushabh V Choksi is a Mumbai based young and dynamic fitness entrepreneur and the proud owner of ‘Spartan Nutrition’, a new age nutrition supplement’s brand. 

In a world where nutritional supplements have become a luxury, Rushabh founded Spartan Nutrition in early 2016 to fill this gap in the market for affordable yet supreme quality supplements. Being a passionate fitness enthusiast himself, he established this brand with a sole purpose of changing the industry around and making people aware of the nutritional supplements.  

An entrepreneur with disruptive ideas, Rushabh has earned a B.Com degree in Finance and Accounting from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai University. 

Rushabh has been working out since the past 16 years. His stint with fitness started like any other story – an extremely fat and chubby child wanting to lose weight. He started going to the gym at the age of 15 and there has been no turning back since. A pure vegetarian fitness enthusiast, Rushabh has managed to achieve an aesthetic and perfectly sculpted body through rigorous workouts. 

Over the years, Rushabh has garnered a lot of followers on social media. Unlike him who did not have much assistance when he started going to the gym, since the very beginning, he has been advising his followers on various workout and diet plans. After being informed by one of his followers that his recommendation of using any protein from over the counter didn’t yield in results, he thought of creating a brand of his own. His idea behind Spartan Nutrition is simple – ‘By the People For the People’, making luxury available at affordable prices.  

Rushabh is a firm believer of “Make in India” but with Spartan Nutrition, his motto is “Make India”. He strongly believes that in order to make India better one needs to support the youth by making them stronger, fitter and healthier. With Spartan Nutrition, he is all set to bring a revolution in the fitness industry.  

Apart from being a seasoned entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, Rushabh also engages in combat sports and activities. He is also a trained Mixed Martial Arts fighter. 

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