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Timesaverz teams up with Amazon Echo to enable voice commands on its app

Voicebots becoming mainstream to enhance customer experience
Timesaverz, a one-stop destination for home services has announced its partnership with Amazon Echo. Owing to its recent partnership with Amazon Echo, the company is ready to serve its customers with specialists for on-demand home services. These range from some of the basic services like plumbing, electrician to even a pest control or car spa requests; all of this is through the Timesaverz Alexa Skill. Timesaverz, is constantly innovating and is future ready for such services.
Alexa is just the beginning of setting up smart home solutions, and this will gain further more momentum as it goes to the next level in terms of technology upgradation. This is going to be a great thing for millennial as well as elderly people who do not wish to operate through mobile apps or websites. It would be like one device for all your household needs, such as, home services, music, news, etc.” says Lovnish Bhatia, Cofounder and COO of Timesaverz.
Looking at the rising trend of voice based communication, in near future we would be able to control all the functions through one product, saving time, enhancing communication and making our day-to-day activities significantly convenient.
Conversational interfaces are beginning to change the way we interact with machines and systems, making getting tasks done easier, quicker and more accurate. There are quite a lot of startups now betting on the bright future of voice-based communication, and some of them have even started to witness the enhanced customer interaction through internal metrics.
Recently, Roanuz Softwares Private Limited announced the launch of Cricket Bot API, bringing an advanced chatbot experience with its sophisticated conversational capabilities. This AI-powered virtual assistant, programmed to give context-relevant answers in both text and voice, is capable of executing near-real-time exchange, increase user self-service efficiency and deliver smooth conversational customer experiences.
We have extensive experience in AI-based solutions and have applied our knowledge to build a smart bot API for cricket. This readymade solution offers businesses an incredible chance to affix cricket knowledge to their app, chatbot or voice-assistant devices, and it is easy to integrate,” explains Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder & CEO, Roanuz.
Shubh Loans, a leading mobile lending app in India is also going to be joining the bandwagon through voice features on its mobile app. The company discovered early on that lending to their chosen segment called rural and urban aspirers with a monthly income range of INR 12 K – 15 K will involve its own set of challenges.
Monish Anand, Founder and CEO of Shubh Loans said, “For us to serve the mission of financial inclusion, we need to recognise that not everyone in our target segment is going to be tech savvy. Technology is a huge enabler to scale, without incurring a high cost. We are working on voice based instructions feature in the app that can guide users to complete the loan application process. The voice feature will be triggered by the actions performed by a user on our android app.
Shubh Loans already has a strong presence regionally, with the app available in 6 local languages, and plans to launch the voice feature in local languages in the year 2018 itself.
Another notable startup in this regard is, which is come a long way in the AI space in the country, and is now ready to embrace voice-based communication on its mobile app Niki. The company’s founders’ feel that voice is a natural extension of text and with the tech giants offering their platform to developers, the growth is set to increase.
Sachin Jaiswal, CEO, shares “Our bot, Niki, has reached to over 95% accuracy in understanding text messages and acting accordingly to get users’ tasks done. This has been possible with conversations data of more than 2 years over millions of interactions. Building on the same, we’re planning to bring the feature of voice recognition to our customers, which is going to make it even easier for them to pay bills, book a bus, hotels and a lot more, it will all happen on simply uttering a few words. This will not only take away the hassle of endless navigation on multiple platforms to discover and buy products or services, but also make it possible to get crucial tasks done within seconds while one is on the go.

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