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Transforming a hobby into a million-dollar company: What it takes to be a millionaire in the ocean of Internet Marketing

Remember those days when sending a text over a WhatsApp used to be a fashion statement or rather a tech-savvy one. The rise of the internet in the past few years is no less than the rise of terminators except the terminators ended with a dark fate while the internet continues to grow in a bright fate. With billions of smartphone users and the coming of new ideas every second, making money out of your hobby today is no less than a miracle today. But it is the “ones who rise from hard work graduate to become a veteran.”

durgesh mishra

With “no-added-nepotism” and tons of passion, the success story of 2 entrepreneurs, Manish Chauhan (B.Tech, CS) & Durgesh Mishra (B.Tech, IT), is the perfect epitome of utilizing the internet as a business opportunity. Like billion other Indians, these two B.Tech graduates were taken up sharp by internet but unlike others, it is they who saw a big-time opportunity in it.

The journey started, unlike others…..

When their fellow engineers were trying to enter the corporate world, these two decided to turn their love for internet surfing into a full-time job and nothing could have been better than this. But it wasn’t easy to launch a company with a handful of money and no business background. To combat it, the duo started conducting research and came out with their style of IT services, digital marketing in particular. In the race where everyone was trying to make it big using the traditional methods, they broke the ground with a more personalized approach to digital marketing. As a result, Panache Softech Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, came out in 2013. In the last financial year, 2018-19, the company had churned out a turnover of Rs. 3 Crore and has turned out to be an inspiration for many who wish to “Make it big by 30.”

Focused to promote “the power of sharing”

Had this been a usual businessman, the journey would have ended here, however, with the coming of more years and addition of more experience, Manish Chauhan decided to share his knowledge of “How to market online in the 21st century?”

On average, a minimum of ten lakh graduates come out every year yet the opportunities of career for them are limited to thousands. Ergo, to help these millions of freshers, it became the need of the hour to provide them with a standing ground and help them cultivate the benefit of today’s nuclear weapon – the internet,” says Manish.

Following the same, he collaborated with two other like-minded entrepreneurs, Pranav Jha & Shashank Shrivastava, to launch a training institute for digital marketing – Professional Institute of Marketing and Planning (Previously known as Panache Internet Marketing School). Since its year of establishment, 2015, the institute has imparted the education of digital marketing to 2000+ students and continues to do so. Truly said it is that knowledge shared more is knowledge gained more. With PIMS, the idea has always been to transfer the experience of digital or online or internet marketing through the power of education. Having occupied a stronghold at ground level, Team PIMS plans to take this hope to the national level and educate not thousands but lakhs of new faces.

Where things start from SKY

For Manish and Durgesh, the sky has never been the limit but the point of origin. Cultivating and welcoming new ideas of every form, these two now plan to find expand their ideology via other subsidiaries hikemytaffic (A Digital marketing agency) and digitalaka (An email marketing company).

Growth is not easy to come by and certainly not quick to be kept steady. Similarly, to market in this world powered online, it is certainly important to learn from the experience holders. Manish and Durgesh both believe that the day hasn’t ended till the time it is your “will” that hasn’t exhausted. So, what is it going to be? You getting exhausted or the day getting ended. Not the will power or day has ended for them, thereby, making them millionaires of this ocean – Internet Marketing!

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