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Valuation of Startup E-commerce Company ‘’ expected to cross 100 crores in a year

As it is rightly said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. This thought fits very well with a real life perfect example when we hear about the ideas and initiative taken by Mr. Murtaza Motiwala, founder of
Interiorsinfo is India’s first and only matchmaking portal in the domain of interior and construction industry. We can say that; it’s a platform similar to that of a ‘search engine’ which helps a user to simplify their hunt in interiors.
The idea popped up when Mr. Motiwala wanted to renovate his house and was moving from one end of the city to the other in search of an interior designer. Due to lack of details and information about the vendor; it was difficult for him to assign a task to anybody who is unknown. So, he had to engage himself to find suitable person who can help him to meet his requirement and also fits in within his budget.
During the search, he found that the Interiors and construction industry is very huge and cluttered to an extent that people keep searching for the vendors and have no idea on how to get rid of this problem. Due to lack of time in searching for information; people do blind trust the contractors or architects and go ahead with the price they quote. The end user is unaware of the best price that they can pay for a product/service that they are looking for an end up with a dissatisfactory service.
Sensing on the need of the industry an Initiative was required, which was to get the right information at the right time; Mr. Motiwala came up with an idea of having an online platform Which can help a user to get access to best possible information just by few clicks. Thus ‘’ was designed and launched as a solution for this cluttered industry and bring everyone in this sector on one single platform.
It was May 2014, when Mr. Motiwala started to work on the plan and had crafted a proper path which can help him to follow and achieve his dream; initially with the support of 2 developers and his dedication, even after facing huge problems due to the industry size and vast product and service categories; the team managed to create modules as per the requirement of the industry. Later with the support of 5 more developers, within a period of 9 months phase 1 was completed successfully; which was like achieving a great victory in itself.
Later, the idea was presented in front of massive audience by participating in exhibitions; where positive views and feedback were received. The value appreciation that Mr. Motiwala and his team received from industry experts pushed no stones unturned to keep the quality and look of the portal. This became a turning point and then with more enthusiasm the task was further carried by fine tuning the product.
After they being all set to go live; the Portal was than commercially launched and within a time frame of 1 year the list of vendors went from Zero to 3000+ that too all paid subscribers. This added to the success and became the single largest platform for interiors industry for Mumbai.
Today, Interiorsinfo has more than 19k category with specification details in the most systematic and organised way which at present no one all over the world has. Still every new day adds something new to the portal which can benefit users with the best information on interiors and construction industry.
There are many venture capitalist and foreign investors who are willing to invest in the company. But currently, the company is majorly self-funded and is happy with few small investors in its portfolio. The company has recently added a software ‘e-invoicing’ which can cut the admin cost by 90%, improve sales management, enhance a/c reconciliation and through its faster processing and payment cycles user can generate invoices with proper GST calculations and maintain better report without any manual process. In just a short span of 2 years, the hard work, dedication and understanding have helped the company to be valued more than 30 crores and are expected to cross 100 crores in a year by spreading its operations in Pune, Nagpur and Nasik through franchise model which will raise its customer database by 300%. The company also has plans to expand its operations pan India within the period of 2 years.

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