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WoodenStreet Exclusively partners with Penguin Mattresses to Customize Comfort

India’s finest custom furniture store, WoodenStreet has made an entry into the mattress market by joining hands with Penguin Mattresses to provide a customized solution for a better sleep.

Comfort has always been a sensitive issue, what with everyone having different needs for their mattress. We all need that perfect composition of a bed mattress that relaxes our body and pushes us deeper into the recovery modes of sleep. However, the market does not always offer that kind of flexibility. And even if we find the right mattress, we are left with a size that does not match our bed’s dimensions.

Seeking to shift this obtuse structure, WoodenStreet decided to merge its powerful customization facility with Penguin Mattresses and their range of technologically advanced comfortable mattresses. With soft foam, memory foam and cool gel variants readily available, all you have to do is decide the thickness and the dimensions.

With the best of advanced mattress technology, Penguin Mattresses have been manufacturing comfort solutions to let people launch into a deep and healing sleep. Renowned for their range of mattresses which adapt to the posture of a person, created using premium-quality foams, Penguin Mattresses will benefit from WoodenStreet’s flexible customization to provide people with custom-made sizes, so that no one has to settle down for too small or too large a mattress that doesn’t fit their bed.

WoodenStreet’s CEO, Mr. Lokendra Ranawat, expressed his views by describing how important customization is in this era.
“I believe”, says Mr. Ranawat, “that when it comes to comfort, there can never be a compromise. As we had already established ourselves as quality custom furniture manufacturers, foraying into the mattress market will give us a new field to serve our customers, providing a tailor-made solution to their comfort needs.”

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