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Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd launches 40 ambulances under 108 Sanjeevani service across MP

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd has launched 40 state-of-the-art ambulances in the districts across Madhya Pradesh (MP). The ambulances have been launched under the integrated 108 ambulance service known as Sanjeevani service.

The 108 Sanjeevani is well-known for providing quick healthcare services to the people of Madhya Pradesh. Emergencies like accidents, heart attacks, stroke and other medical conditions are easily dealt with 108 service that is expected to aid more than 1 crore people after the addition of 40 more ambulances.

Co-Founded by Shweta Mangal, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd is one of the top emergency medical service providers in the country. The initiative taken by the company is expected to infuse a new life to the existing 108 service in the state, in association with the state government.

The fleet of 40 ambulances was launched by the Chief Minister Kamal Nath and Health Minister Tulsiram Silavat, along with the other officers of the health department.

Equipped with basic medicines, oxygen cylinders and other basic and advanced medical equipment, the ambulances will ensure quick and reliable emergency care to the people.

Talking about the launch of 40 ambulances, the Project Head of Ziqitza Healthcare said, “We have been committed to successfully serving the people of Madhya Pradesh for over two years now. The support received from the Government of the State during our tenure has been tremendous and we would like to thank them for the same. We are proud to announce the launch of yet another fleet of ambulances which will cater to the medical aid of the people 24X7.”

“Medical emergencies can occur at any given point of time and hence we are glad that we have played a pivotal role in safeguarding the emergency medical needs of the citizens of Madhya Pradesh,” he added.

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“We would like to assure that at Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, we are truly committed to saving lives across the state and every life matters to us, he added,” he concluded.

Ziqitza Health Care Limited, today is one of the leading emergency medical service providers in the country. As envisioned by the former CEO Shweta Mangal, the company operates under two models­­­­- Cross-Subsidy (for the unprivileged) and Public-Private Partnership. With more than 3500 ambulances, Ziqitza has already served more than 10 million people across 17 states in the country.

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