Alpfly V/S Yatra V/S MakeMyTrip: Who Wins The Battle – My Review

MakeMyTrip and Yatra has always been quite famous travel sites. After the launch of MakeMyTrip in the year 2000 it gained popularity quite fast as it helped people book flight tickets at just a click. MakeMyTrip was followed by Yatra. Thought its entry in the industry was a bit late it did not take long to become a neck competitor of MakeMyTrip. Now with more and more development in technology and as everyone is going online from tips to shopping more such travel booking sites are coming up. Each one is a competitor for the other as nowadays booking a flight has become a research and these site owners know that. Thus, everyone is giving out plans that are lucrative so that they can attract customers to their site.

I Used To Be A Loyal Customer Of MakeMyTrip

My story with these sites have been quite a journey in itself. I used to be a loyal customer of MakeMyTrip. This means whatever might happen I always booked my flights from MakeMyTrip. I had some of the best trips with them even got the best deals. I still remember the Kerala trip I took at a very reasonable rate and still my friends could not even believe that the package was bought from MakeMyTrip site as they always complained that it was a bit pricy but I never thought so as if it would be I would not have taken the Kerala trip at just 21K. Yes, it is true it only included return flight but yet it was cheap as booking each thing separately would have coasted much more on a Kerala trip that too for just the weekend.
So, it is true MakeMyTrip always came to my rescue whenever I had to getaway from the chaos of the city. It also helped me to book tickets even a day before my journey that too at low price when everywhere ticket price is always high. But once even MakeMyTrip ditched me when there were no flights available during a vacation time. And I was lost, I had no clue what to do as I could not cancel my trip that is when my friend introduced me to and its flight booking services. I was quite impressed as they offered tickets at a way lower price and some of the tickets were even lower than MakeMyTrip. The deals that were available was also cheap and the site was user friendly as well.

My Friend Introduced Me To

And I was convinced that I will take a trip with them and also try out their packages in the future. After that trip when I was planning a weekend getaway I thought of trying out a package from Yatra just to compare it with MakeMyTrip. The ulterior motive was to get back at my friend if the trip was not that satisfying. So, I booked a Darjeeling and Gangtok trip package. And to my surprise the package cost was just 14,500 and it included both side flights. I quickly browsed through the MakeMyTrip package of the same places to be shocked that the cost was high and it included only return flight. I was satisfied as of now with the cost but I waited for the trip to get over.
After I returned from my trip my friends at work asked me about it and I now recommended them Yatra as the trip was not only satisfying budget wise but I had the best time. The hotels they provided were also perfect. So, now I knew that if the prices on one site was high I could easily shift to Yatra as their flight rates were also quite low. At that very moment one of my friend asked me that what if I had the option of not booking a ticket every time I wished to travel. I was confused at this question and asked him what was he talking about and that is when he told me that he came across a site that provided 10 tickets at a go that could be used for a year or until the tickets provided lasted that is 10 trips. I still did not believe him so he showed me their website.

That Is How I Was Introduced To

That is how I was introduced to Alpfly Pvt Ltd. Well, at first I thought the offers were too good to be true. Then I went through their guidelines in details and found out that it was true there was no extra charges involved as the packages were inclusive of all taxes. So, I had to pay the amount the the site displayed. I would pay a lump sum at a go and then sit back and relax for a year as now I have 10 tickets at my disposal which I can use for a year. All I needed to do was raise a ticket request a week prior to my date of travel and I would receive a confirmed PNR status within 48 hours of my travel. So, I thought what was the harm of giving this website a try as even the review section proved that people were satisfied with the services.
So, I bought their Star plan as it was perfect for me as I was usually a lone traveler. So, after a month of buying the plan I got a chance of trying it out. I planned a trip to Darjeeling again but this time it was from Bangalore as at that time I was there for some work. It was again a kind of weekend getaway. So, I raised a ticket request 7 days prior to the journey date as per the rules and I received my ticket confirmation and details 48 hours prior to my journey. I was thrilled that they had booked me on an evening flight as the date I had mentioned was a Friday and the best part was that it was a direct flight. It took me only 3 hours to reach my destination. Well, the interesting part was if I had booked the same flight ticket from Yatra or MakeMyTrip it would have costed me around 10K as it was a peak time of the year to visit Darjeeling. Now, I knew why my friend said that Alpfly would be a better experience than any other travel site as firstly I would not have to pay every time I plan a trip and I could also plan a trip at peak season as the price did not change. And secondly, I did not have to worry about taxes.


For me in the battle between Yatra, MakeMyTrip and Alpfly definitely Alpfly won. As there was no doubt that other sites are good with low rates and good weekend packages but Alpfly was one time investment and I could make travel plans any time it pleased me as I always had a ticket ready at my disposal.

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