Why Google Is an Evil for Small & Medium Business.


Don’t Be Evil– A old slogan of Google.com now Alphabet, so called the worlds largest company as well biggest search engine on internet seems to be a devil themself.

Since last so many years google has been innovating so many projects but most of them badly failed without even getting any recognition.

Google has been forcing users to use their products even when they are not at all willing to do so. It is more or less kind of like mental harassment and torture which google is doing to any internet user around the world.

With the advancement in mobile technology android has come up with one of the most sought after platform for all mobile lovers though this is not stable and many android applications just crash during normal usage, but anyways you cant expect quality from anything that comes for free.

Android phone users must have a google account to use the android phones as android is a google product, even if you are not at all interest to have any sort of accounts on google and hate them and their interface, you still need to have a google account to use it. A very simple, straight forward harassment and torture, why would I use something just for the sake of using it and even though I do not want to use it?

Its simple-user-base, google do not offer anything for free, they force users to create your accounts on gmail or google and then earn a huge revenue via their advertising but at the same time, google must also understand that they can not further harass their users in the name of policy violation, I do understand many users are free but still just because of us google is getting revenues via ads, so they are in-directly earning revenue via us.

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Coming to the main story behind this article.

Our is a website www.inventiva.co.in which is related to entrepreneurship, start-ups and SME & SMB business. We publish, news, articles, related to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Sometime back, we got few interns in our company who really liked our idea and concept and wanted to work with us as interns for our business magazine.

We had limited resources in our company both in terms of physical and virtual so I asked them to create a official email account on gmail.

They were collecting stories from different sources, sending emails to the customers by manually extracting the data and all and I had one permanent account with google for my official mobile number related to this website for which I had purchased a separate phone and created a separate gmail account too as [email protected]

We were collecting start-up stories, articles, interviews in it and one day worst nightmare, the account was suspended, not just my account but google suspended almost 15 accounts we had with them which were used by 15 interns while working with us.

All these accounts were suspended in the name of policy violation and it has been almost 4 days now, we had email google and never got any response from them.

I really cant believe how such a large company like google act so unethically, irresponsibly and lack of customer care.

4 days, 96 hours, sent 7 emails to them and still no response, we didn’t just loose the account but also lost 5000 clients emails, 2000 phone numbers 8000 stories and articles all in a day and no hope of getting them back as we have not heard anything back from them yet.

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Not even a single response, they dont even provide any contact phone number on their website so that we can call them and understand why it happend.

1. Will any business client be able to tolerate that he looses his clients data, emails, contracts, tenders, order emails, business enquiry?
2. Can google be so irresponsible that all they care about is themself and not about the small and medium business.
3. Almost 80% small and medium business owers use google to intially deal with their clients as they dont want to invest heavy money in setting up their own email servers.

All I can say after this is if you really want to do serious business, never ever rely on google for your business else you may have to end up no where.

Better go for other alternate solutions like yahoo.com, outlook.com, and a new business giant zoho.com

After google, I started using zoho services and it works like charm, reliable, easy to use and quite user friendly, their customer support team is amazing and fantastic and yes proud to be built in India with love, care and emotions.


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