Cheval Décor Luxury in Living

Cheval Décor, a brand that supplies a range of ornate wall furnishings aims to provide a look that is aesthetically pleasing, and also an experience that emanates luxury. The creation of Mr. Hashim Baldiwala, founder of Cheval Décor, the brand endeavors to design luxurious living by bringing in a
collection of superior textured panels suited for modern day tastes. On offer are several deluxe collections like the Italian Collection inspired by the opulence of Rome, elegance of Venice and the luxurious indulgence of Florence. The panels are found to suit the everyday needs with hints of
subtlety and charm. The Truss Collection encompasses splendid panels with a combination of faux leather and frames of mirror, glass and other materials. Each panel in this collection is different from the other giving you a wide variety of options to select from. The Mosaic Collection creates a stunning
effect with panels put together in a way to create a look of sheer affluence giving the space a palatial feel. The plush collections offer different styles and textures to suite one’s preference; they all are curated keeping in mind the need for simplicity and luxury at the same time. The application of these panels is completely hassle free, with no drilling or hours of labor required making the entire experience serene. On application, the panels transform the space, be it residential or commercial into a space that exudes aesthetic extravagance. The interiors are transformed into a chic, elegant and highly distinguished space with precision and opulence. Made in India under the expert guidance of Italian designers, the panels are made using state of the art, fully automated machinery. Apart from being
aesthetically pleasing, the panels have unimaginable benefits that make it holistically favorable. The panels come with acoustic benefits, they’re moisture resistant, offer insulation and are retardant to fire. These properties make Cheval Décor panels optimal for all uses and climatic conditions.
Cheval Décor gives a modern and contemporary look to every space, be it an office, hotel lobby, restaurants or even residential spaces like dining rooms, bedrooms living rooms and more. The panels are designed to also suit spaces like hospitals and spas or to brighten up spaces at showrooms and
retail outlets. With tremendous acoustic properties the panels can be used in theatres and lounges too. Cheval Décor has panels to suit every requirement and to create a splendid atmosphere.

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