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In today’s date, we all are living in the world, where everything including food items is being grown using artificial pesticides and insecticides which may be very harmful to the human body to consume. Gone are the days when a healthy life was all about eating healthy and natural food items. There was no bran flour or Avocados, etc to keep one’s body healthy before 3 decades and the people during those times lived much healthier lives. However, if you are a person who is looking to opt for a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food, then “Namhya Food” is your go-to option.

What is Namhya Food?

Namhya Food is an Ayurveda based brand which makes products that blend well with the modern lifestyle and can be used by everyone. The team of Namhya Food promotes #EatFreshNotFad as its core proposition. The team of Namhya Food is trying to change the fad and modern diet of Avocados and other fancy non-Indian foods items. 

Namhya Food has a range of food items including exotic and healthy tea of different types- Green Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, whole leaf tea, Heart Tea and many others. Some of the most popular food items of Namhya Food carefully craft foods on the basis of Ayurveda that can blend in your natural diets and can become a way of living rather than finding a new diet every time, all the time. It not only proves to be unsustainable over a longer period of time but also leads to health struggles and frustrations.  

The aim of Namhya is to manufacture such food items which are 100% natural and tasty at the same time so that people can enjoy these products. All the products of Namhya are manufactured with the thought in the mind that, they can complement and benefits people with their modern-diets.

Ridhima Arora- the founder of Namhya Food

Namhya is a small effort towards a healthy living from a Jammu and Kashmir based entrepreneur Ridhima Arora. After working as a Brand Manager for about 5 years, she decided to quit her corporate job and start Namhya.

What is the story behind Namhya?

When the team of Inventiva approached Ridhima Arora to know about the story behind the forming of Namhya, she narrated;

“My keen interest in nutrition and the right kind of food started during my weight loss journey when I lost almost 30 kgs in 2 years in 2014 (86kgs-56kgs) in the effort to become fit. But a lot changed when the problem of wrong foods affected my personal life through a serious disease that made me find my way #BacktotheRoots, the natural way of living and the diet


 It was only when we were running across hospitals for a genuine treatment that I realized that there was a major gap in understanding nutrition even amongst dietitians and there was hardly any education given about right foods and diet which could do wonders to a patient and enable them to get rid of their diseases completely


 In fact, the health food(fad) industry has made the situation even worse. The healthy oats biscuit is hardly any oats. The dangers of sugar-free “everything” is hardly known. The browns of that bread are actually a fad.


 We hardly know all of this unless we dig deep into it between all these signs of progress I decided to quit my Marketing job and start Namhya.”

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