Foodeterian: The Fastest Growing Food Delivery Service Brand in Bhubaneswar


If you ever ask any foreigner what’s special about India, after Taj Mahal, they’d PROBABLY say spicy Indian food. Food is essentially the most important aspect for survival. For us, it’s something which can be celebrated. Having punjabi naan in Tamil Nadu or Hyderabadi Biryani in Bhubaneswar, food unites us as Indians.

How did it start?

It didn’t start in a single day but took many days to decide that we want to do it. I was sitting in front of my computer, fixing the bugs at my previous employer when I receive a call from Amit. He said he needs to discuss something important with all of us and wants to know our thoughts. It was days of data gathering and analysing before we decided to start up. But once we did, we made sure we do it as best it can be done giving the resources we had.

Our Position: The fastest growing Food Delivery service brand in Bhubaneswar

We launched on 27th of January and since then we are constantly working to tie-up with best restaurants in the city. The city like Bhubaneswar really required an app based food delivery option and we selected Bhubaneswar after a thorough research that lasted for more than a month.

What makes Bhubaneswar best suited for us is the opportunity to bring restaurants closer to customers. The food delivery market of Bhubaneswar has not fully utilized the power of internet yet. We feel proud to help restaurants go digital and they also understand how important it is to stay updated.

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Currently, we have successful tie-ups with around 60 restaurants, which is even greater than many companies working in the same segment. This growth rate is a signature of our perfect team, a perfect blend of strategy, marketing, ethics and hard work.

How Foodeterian is helping restaurants in Bhubaneswar: Foodeterian is helping restaurants to increase their reach. Everyone is aware that this is a digital age. Presence on internet is a must required thing if any business wants to stay in competition. Restaurants of Bhubaneswar are also aware of that and many of them have their own websites as well. But App based food delivery service is a requirement of Bhubaneswar. Imagine a smart city without a food delivery service that actually delivers food? Right?. That’s where Foodeterian is providing solution to restaurants as well as people who wants to order food using app. In short, we are bringing the digital wave of app based service to restaurants and people of Bhubaneswar.

What really inspired us to start: Most of us were already working with a good salary in some of the well-known companies but all away from homes. Food was a constant thought in our mind because our work schedule left us not enough time to wait for an order. It is a problem many people face. We gave a thought and found out that a whole community of around 1 million working class professionals with handsome salary lives away from home, with a constant dilemma of having a heartful of the good tasty meal.

Why Bhubaneswar? Bhubaneswar is the perfect place to launch a service-related startup for a bootstrapped startup. Bhubaneswar is a center of higher education in eastern India and students from all over India. Amit and Pritish are alumni of KIIT so their knowledge and connections in Bhubaneswar are very strong. Many big IT companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Infosys, Mindtree are already present in Bhubaneswar with some other MNCs in the process to set up their offices in the coming year. The administration of Bhubaneswar is very helpful and supportive for Odisha based startups. Moreover, a smart city really requires app-based food ordering system like Foodeterian.

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Team awesome: The team behind Foodeterian is a group of highly educated, young and highly skilled people with prior exposure to corporate world. Our founding members are Amit Kumar, Pritish Patnaik, Bhanu Ranjan, Shikha Gautam and me(Chandra Shekhar Satti ). We can proudly say, we are the best blend of everything required to achieve success. We have people who can do design sophisticated plans and systems, people with an eye to catch changing trends in Data, people with a strong proven experience in Marketing, IT, HR and Admin domains. We have people with skills in creativity. If someone asks us what’s the biggest positive part of Foodeterian, we say it’s our team. We never stop learning any new thing that can improve our services and give us an edge.

Generating Employment: Our startup is generating employment for local people here. We are looking to provide employment to 100+ people in next three months. We exactly know how to train our employees and provide the best opportunities to grow because they will be connecting us with our customers and we know how much employee satisfaction means.

The expansion is our next big step: We are looking forward to expanding our operations and team in next few months and we are really excited on our journey to become the biggest food delivery startup in tier 2 cities and we are not in a mood to stop.

If you are a restaurant or a food lover in Bhubaneswar, we are a perfect match for you.


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