Freesky: Changing the way offline discounts works


To provide discounts everywhere, coined the name ‘Freesky’ on July 15th, 2016 with the aim of serving world-class discount services to it’s user. With three founding principles- Customer satisfaction, Innovation and value for money, this freesky discount card started from Vadodara, Gujarat soon carved a special place in the hearts of it’s users. Yax Sheth (CEO of Freesky), who believed that customer satisfaction is core thing in our operations and service is not just providing them platform, so using latest technology and innovations he ensured that a special technology was used with the help of qualified technocrats, which meant that customers can get discount in fingertip. Yax personally supervises every minute aspect here and relies on continuous feedback from customers to better the quality. After their grand success at Vadodara, Freesky is providing discount at more than 40 cities of India.

As the brand continues to grow and make waves because of its delightful service and value for money, it looks like patrons will continue to support all their future endeavours to treat them to unparalleled and unique discount services.

Q: What’s unique about Freesky?
A: Freesky is innovated with clear vision of providing discounts everywhere. Till now all discount brands providing discounts at National brands only, no one aimed to cover local market and local retailers. Freesky has covered more than 3000 local retailers till now and planning to have 25k+ till next year.

Q: What’s your forecast for Freesky?
A: Freesky is having tremendous response from customers! We are aiming 3Lac customer base till next financial year end. We have introduced QR code scanning while taking discounts and it provides perfect insight about discount provided by us and to partners also. We have provided Rs. 1.2 million of discount till now (I have personally got discount of 24k+ overall)


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