From Door To Door Sales, To Raking in 50 lakhs a month– this woman has made it big!

Priyanka Nawani was always a hardworking girl who knew that she was going to be chasing after some big dreams, and reaching for the stars! But growing up, she was not very good academically and that used to bog her down. But somewhere she still had hope that life had bigger things in store for her.

After she graduated, she tried to look for jobs but unfortunately she couldn’t find any. She knew she wanted to start somewhere and joined her father’s company – while still waiting for that one big idea.

It was only after a few years, that jackpot finally hit! Priyanka always loved make up and everything about it, but she realized that a lot of women were using cheap counterfeit products – without knowing how much harm they were doing to their skin! Women only had access to expensive foreign products or cheap fakes, there was no in-between. Priyanka realized that there was no brand that offered both quality and affordability. And that’s when ‘Flicka Cosmetics’ was born!

For days and hours she ideated and came up with a business plan, and in the meantime she even got married and moved to the small town of Billai – but then, her husband too decided to join hands with her and together they launched ‘Flicka Cosmetics!’

Initially, because of lack of resources they would take the products themselves and go door-to-door, pitching what their brand is about and how it is vegan and cruelty free. But soon when word got out that the founders themselves were going door-to-door, people started looking down upon them. Their sales and brand value too decreased.

But Priyanka knew that if they had come this far, there was no stopping now. She and her husband decided to move their market to Mumbai and started selling their products there. Of course given the heavy competition, there were many roadblocks but they were persistent!

As the business started growing and the buzz started spreading – Priyanka couldn’t believe that her vision was finally coming to life. A small town girl with a big time dream had actually crafted a beautiful reality for herself.

She recalls her most special moment being the fact that her college invited her to promote and put up a kiosk during the college fest. The faculty was so proud of priyanka, all the teachers loved Flicka products and got  makeover done at the Kiosk! Priyanka was now witnessing one of her dreams come true.


Slowly even those people who rejected her products and didn’t have any faith in her – when they saw how much the customers like the product, they started valuing and respecting her!

Priyanka recalls how one day, she was going to for a Flicka store inauguration and when she entered a sales girl walked up to her and said, ‘Would you be interested in seeing the best cosmetics products?’. When Priyanka said yes, the girl took her to the counter and turns out it was Flicka’s counter! The girl had no idea that Priyanka was the owner, but the feeling Priyanka felt was priceless!

Her story reminds us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and a silver lining to every dark cloud – but only if you persist hard enough, never give up and reach for the stars.

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