GeekyAdvice: This Mobile App is a guide to help you find your BEST PHONE..!

GeekyAdvice is a venture initiated by teenagers who have a knack to change the world by their suggestions on the best phone that one should operate, based upon the specified requirement of the individual. Just as now-a-days, there are various apps present for suggesting you to choose the best hotel and restaurant, GeekyAdvice is like your phone guide that will aid you in every step of your decision in landing onto the best phone.
What actually drove into the founder’s mind was how ‘Smartphones’ have become indispensable resources resonating every possible idea in the World! However, when it comes to deciding on the right smartphone, one gets flooded with options from different frontiers that make it hard to settle on. Sometimes, People get bewildered by Complex phone specifications or perplexing manuals keeping the users in a dilemma and they just plump for anything that suits their taste, may it afterwards cause extra-troubles to them. So, this app is designed to eliminate all your worries and confusions about phones, and will suitably work upon picking the right smartphone and transforming the complex technical jargons into ‘understandable phrases’.
The idea of working on such unique yet, very useful app is creating the life of people easier by succouring them in getting the best recommendation or guidance before opting for their smartphone.
Some of its Salient characteristics are:

  • Simplified UI: With its interactive and cool User Interface, the app is very easy to understand and operate even for any layman too. It is laid down by creating one’s account and then, selecting all the features that one wants in his phone and then, eventually, getting the best results on it. We also have a friend named, Geekyst who will act as your partner or phone consultant throughout the process of operating the app.
  • Flexible and Effective User Experience: We can navigate through the manageable and plain sailing interface and choose the options as in, budget, brand, and all other characteristics that one wishes to enjoy in their phone before getting topmost suggestions for the phone of your needs making it an easy-going app to enrich user experience and create a difference.
  • Free and User – Centric App: The app is free to install and is completely a guide to assist its users to easily use their entered information and based, upon their preferences, produces an output phone suggestion that would be perfectly matching one’s needs to utmost level making it a complete user customized and user centric application.
  • Advanced Functionality and Security: The app is said to cater to everyone’s needs, for which all the necessary details had to be collected based on the formulated criteria and integrated into an algorithm that would help a user filter his needs through a pre-designed set of inputs and will reflect the required output for them. The data entered by user is stored securely adhering to user’s information protection from any confidentiality attack.
  • Sharing tips and tricks: The app will also, regularly update some tips/tricks for people to understand the hefty technical words so that people are made aware about the ins and outs of the specifications of a phone and thus, creating a fully-loaded app for the people so that even the amateur of people can learn about the world of smartphones and electronics.
  • Links to verified e-commerce websites: The app does not just end at providing people about the information of the best phone they need to buy, but also display links to buy that phone from a verified e-commerce website. Thus, it acts as your mentor that will be your guiding spirit to easily recognize what you actually want and aid you in getting that with just some few clicks sitting at your home.

The app does not compromise in providing quality and therefore, is ready to impart the adequate solutions and create impact in the people’s lives. Besides providing the above mentioned features, the app is ready to work diligently on their motto of bringing out the geeky side of YOU!
The app’s algorithm is cleanly embedded in the app to smoothen up your experience besides providing you a relevant suggestion that you can incorporate in your life and match the difference.
The app is finally going to launch on 30th August, 2017 and is believed to be a huge success owing to its augmenting need as people are still perplexed when it comes to choosing the smartphone and keep looking for websites to look for their reviews, comparing their specifications and finding some unparalleled functionality to select a better phone among them.
This budding start-up is all set to notably revolutionise the world as it aspires to be known as a ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR MOBILE ADVICE.

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