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They say they are bold and offbeat. Using first rate technology, data science, strong understanding of judicial processes and court records they help litigants to get funded faster. is certainly making the litigation journey easier by taking care of litigant’s legal expenses. Legisl8 helps lawyers create their professional identity in the web, stay updated on the latest news and developments in their specialty, find and connect with other legal professionals and apply to the best jobs, internships and courses from leading institutions. Their case tracking helps either advocates or litigants to track their cases and relevant details without a hassle. The main job of a lawyer who is in litigation is to argue his client’s case in the court. However, a lot of lawyers time and resources is spent on managing and keeping a track of the cases he is involved in. It is important to understand what happens when a case is ongoing in any court in India. As soon as a case is filed, it is assigned a number. During the ongoing hearings of the case, the judge passes several orders before passing the final judgement. On an everyday basis, the court comes up with cause list which is a list of cases which will be heard on that day. During the working hours of the court, a display board is displayed outside the court room which is showing in real time the case which is being heard in that court room. All this information is readily available in the public domain but in a very unstructured format. A lawyer to effectively run his practice has to keep a track of everything manually which takes up a lot of his time and at times he has to hire more resources which keep a track of everything for the lawyer. Also as a client, communication with the lawyer about your case is not always possible and poses a lot of challenges. We have given a one page platform to both lawyer and users which will display all the updates about the cases they are involved in. A lawyer has to just enter his case number along with other details one time in the platform and he will be given all the details about it till the final judgement on a single platform. This will ensure that the lawyer has more time to prepare for his case and can leave the case management to us. Also for the user, he will also get all the case updates on a single screen, so in cases where the lawyer is inaccessible, he can refer to the app and get all the latest notifications about the case. “Litigation funding is the next big thing that will change a lot of socio-economic permutations in the country, and we are certainly moving in the direction where we can provide legal insurance to the common man” Said Saurav Kumar Sinha Co-founder and CMO of advok8

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1. Share with us the business model of

We provide case tracking platform to lawyers, litigants and corporates. The case tracking platform enables users to track the progress of their existing cases with ease and simplicity.

We are growing at a rapid pace as our satisfied customers are referring our products to new potential users resulting in exponential growth.

Apart from case tracking, we also fund suits of litigants who are facing difficulty in paying their lawyer fee, resulting in increased access to justice.

2. Though online litigation funding is a rare concept in India, do you see any rivals in the industry as of now?

We don’t have any direct competition in litigation funding in India. Burford Capital is funding litigation in UK and USA and is operating indirectly in India.

3. Will offline legal channels be a challenge for this concept to expand further, especially in tier II towns?

As such we do not see any challenge in expanding in tier 2 cities, as both our core offerings will help the lawyer in their practice.

Case tracking will help them in managing their time efficiently while also cutting down the cost of managing their cases while litigation funding will ensure timely payments to lawyers.

4. Put some light on the investment (funding) front. (Type of funding raised so far and what further you are looking at)

We started operations in 2016 and bootstrapped for 2 years. We have raised seed funding recently from a group of angel investors. The round was led by Deepak Goyal.

5. What kind of advocate network do you have and how you shortlist them.

We are forming lawyer panels across who will argue the cases we fund.

Meanwhile all the lawyers who register on our platform are verified and get to join our network.

As we are only funding civil cases right now, we have civil lawyers on our panel with considerable experience.

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