Here’s how India’s leading brands took this AI startup’s help in executing their IPL campaigns successfully


Chennai-based Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd, India’s pioneering sports tech startup has acquired a significant share in the sports tech sector in the country. Currently, 75 % of the top Cricket Fantasy Apps are built with the Roanuz Cricket API. Also, Roanuz Cricket API provides various solutions like Chatbot API, Performance API to construct an effective application. For the 2019’s IPL season, Roanuz partnered with various brands and offered their product to run IPL campaigns, key ones being Zomato, RCB, and Book My Show.

Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd, is India’s one of the leading AI-based sports tech company offering cricket information via bot. The bot titled Cricket Bot API addresses an exhaustive set of information, from live and historical data on matches to player and team stats.

Zomato <> Roanuz’s cricket API

Zomato used the Roanuz Cricket API Live Score & Stats API Plan during IPL 2019. It had launched ‘Zomato Premier League’, a unique in-app gamification, that allowed users to predict the winner of that day’s IPL match and rewarded them every time their prediction was accurate. Over 14 million people played ZPL and had collectively saved over ₹150 million, while binging on their favourite food.

Roanuz provided data to Zomato such as toss information, runs by a player, details of the winners, points table, playing XI, stats of the match and schedule of IPL 2019, for Zomato Premier League. The real-time and instant quality cricket data helped them understand the situation and provides answers to a lot of questions like Who will be the winner of the match? Or Who will win the toss?, in order to validate and select the winner.

Talking about the experience, Gunjan Patidar, Head of Engineering, Zomato, said, “With over 14 million predictions so far, Zomato Premier League was played across 200+ cities in India. We partnered with Roanuz Cricket API for real-time updates during the IPL season, helping us further enhance the overall user experience. Their systems are scalable and well-maintained and documentation services have been really beneficial.

Book My Show <> Roanuz’s cricket API

The IPL each year sees millions of cricket-lovers choose BookMyShow for tickets to watch their favourite teams and players live in action. To heighten the experience for fans this IPL, BookMyShow partnered with Roanuz Cricket API for a second-by-second update on the exhaustive statistics for the IPL season, keeping millions of fans hooked to the games throughout the season” said Albert Almeida, COO – Live Entertainment, BookMyShow.

Royal Challengers Bangalore <> Roanuz’s cricket API

This IPL season, The Royal Challengers Bangalore came up with a new idea to keep their fans engaged with a sports engagement platform. The app gave real time news, on-the-field/behind the scene updates not only during the season rather year round. Fans could share moments, connect with fans everywhere, consume engaging cricket and lifestyle connect, like RCB Bold which is all about fitness, RCB Loves Underground which is about Underground Music & much more. Not only this they also got to connect with the players and coach.

To keep these core cricket fans engaged & participative in the match related conversation, the Roanuz Cricket integrated their API in the platform. API – real-time live scores & stats API provides the ball by ball live score through webhook push notification which delivers the quality data faster in a timely manner, scorecard, over summary of the match for ball by ball score, schedule, standings, and the RCB team statistics like number of matches played, number of matches won & lost, highest innings total, lowest innings total, batting stats & bowling stats.

Talking about the success, Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder and CEO, Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd said “There is enough demand already for the solution we offer, and we are doing very good job at fulfilling industry needs. This gives us the organic sales. Our strategy is to continue the innovation on sports tech which keep us ahead of anyone this industry and which sells itself. What we would like to do is, create awareness to more inventors, businessmen, sports enthusiast on what’s possible to achieve with the big data we have curated, A.I powered answer and live stats.

With the closure of FY 2018-19, Roanuz witnessed a whopping increase in their sales growth (owing to the IPL season) – 276%. The splendid performance has boosted the team further, and they are now targeting a 350% hike in the current financial year.

About Roanuz Softwares Pvt Ltd

Artificial Intelligence has found its way into almost all the key sectors today and has brought in tremendous transformations in all the sectors that it has touched.  Be it, technology/startups, pharmaceutical, education, logistics, ecommerce, etc. AI has been helping achieve the unthinkable. Sports technology is one such sector that has been witnessing newer developments, all thanks to the AI technology. Roanuz is one such AI-based sports technology company whose creative ideas have opened up new possibilities for the sports enthusiasts.

Roanuz was conceptualized, formed and bootstrapped by Anto Binish Kaspar (Founder & CEO) with dream to make huge global impact on A.I and Sports Tech. Very soon the team realised cricket is far away from latest tech, and they worked towards the same through their platform to bring in new innovative possibilities and avenues for the game enthusiast. They realised Cricket Dataset quality and availability wasn’t good as others sports like Soccer. So the team believed, Cricket API will bring state-of-art tech into Cricket data & faster delivery.

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