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In this world of Digitalization, people are well equipped with gadgets and finding different solution to resolve their task within seconds. Hombuilt.com is using same techniques and strategies to provide convenient services to customers at their doorsteps. Hombuilt.com is a combination of  Maintenance and Décor services under one platform. Now people can hire expert Serviceman and get consultation by professional from the field of construction. The main vision of this startup company is to provide secure and safe services and let the serviceman earn their livelihood.

People can now have a choice to book serviceman for their desired work of Plumbing, Electrical, Painting and Carpentry through online based model as per their convenience. All the serviceman are verified and skilled in their specific work.  Hombuilt working model is quite different from their competitors i.e Zimmber, Housejoy.in, befikr.in, Hometriangle,  Taskbob and many more as they are not distributing leads to serviceman’s or directly sharing  details to the client of that expert.  So there is no chance for client getting irritated by the calls of the servicemen and even servicemen will get the details of the client who is in need of the service. Unique feature is that, all the servicemen is working on their allotted areas within a radius of 4-5 Km so that they can reach to client on the allotted time frame.

Maintenance services are required for the daily use, but what about the décor for home or the office. Where to find best experts or professionals for the same?  Hombuilt will be the best option for people who are looking for designing their home or office. As they have a team of designers who are professionally skilled with all the modern techniques. If you have a less budget then definitely they can be your perfect designing partner as per your requirements, as they work on the budget scale of their clients.

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This is not yet over, as they have added a service that is vastly expanded and widely used in ancient times for the rectification of land use or for construction purpose and it is called as Vastu. As Hombuilt is dealing in all construction needs, they have taken care of Vastu also. People do suffer because of Vastu Dosh in this modern era. This service can be availed through call, emails or site visit. Whenever there is a need of a Vastu consultant it will be Hombuilt that will be recommended always. For the reader knowledge, Vastu is not a myth, it is a proven science.

Solar planting concept was inspired by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. They haven’t started this service yet but they are ready to tied up with best solar planting agencies across India for collaboration as the company see’s huge potential in solar projects. Using the resources from nature to benefit life of other, one can’t get anything better than this.

Apart from handyman services and Vastu Consultancy, they are well sounded with the modern techniques of frame work and designing for the interior projects. Hombuilt.com is providing all its services in cost effective and affordable prices. As their motto say “Remodeling Your Living” is what they do to your life.

Online services demands are growing day by day whether it is shopping, food or travel as technology is growing at pace people are also looking for alternatives. It is a well thought startup with an aim to provide service to people and livelihood to the lower class worker of our society. They are truly reliable on servicemen, who work hours to get positive feedback from our clients.

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Where are their presence?

Hombuilt.com official named as “Remodeling your living LLP” was inaugurated in Delhi 5 months back but soon they will be capturing outskirts of Delhi too. As per the team goals, they are willing to expand in nearby cities by the start of December which is their prime target nowadays.

How they started off?

They started with a team of 5 People 5 months ago and now we have a team size of 20 members and already served 75 clients in our North West Delhi region. You can now download HOMBUILT Mobile app and do put a feedback for the same. Your appreciation is growth.


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