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It’s not often that you come across a father-daughter duo in business, who have not only turned a physical tribulation into a business, but a slow-growing empire. Over 17 years ago, Mr. Akhilesh Pathak who is now 56 had an accident that sparked the start of Aromazeia and the brand is a thriving business in the organic, wellness and lifestyle spaces today.

Akhilesh tried various solutions to ease the pain for his broken shoulder when he met with an accident years ago, but to no avail. He then channelled his experience spanning over 3 decades in making essential oils and created his own pain relief oil with the right blend of herbs after painstaking research. This not only helped him overcome his own pain, but many of his friends and relatives too. His daughter, Swapnil then decided to take the oil nation-wide.

Swapnil Pathak, a 28 year old engineer in Pune came back with the ambition to spread the goodness of Himalayan produce all around the globe and bring people back to the gifts of nature. The duo established a manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand at the end of 2014 and began making essential oils, hydrosols, fragrances and more through a process that’s been handed down to the family for generations. In fact, the process is said to be over 5,000 years old and has been kept intact till date.

One of the brand’s most popular product is Mitti Attar, a blend that encapsulates the earthy scent produced when the rain falls on dry soil. This oil blend is of organic grade and holds tremendous health and beauty benefits, is high in Vitamin C, rich in iodine and contains vitamin E and B complex. While it is great for aromatherapy and relaxation, it also moisturizes the skin, minimizes fine wrinkles, helps treating sunburn and elevates mood.

Aromaziea products include culinary herbs, herbal teas, preservative-free jams and chutneys. The packaging and design has all been conceptualized by Swapnil and is being processed and packed in the 6000 ft above sea level in the Himalayas. Today, Aromazeia exports its products to countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Chile, Indonesia and France, to name a few. The endeavour to deliver pure, quality products has remained a priority since the inception of Aromazeia.

Here’s where you can shop from Aromazeia: www.aromazeia.com

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