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India’s First & Only Hiking Hostel Promoting Tourism In Uttrakhand

What a wonderful world- This song from Louis Armstrong tells you the real life reasons of exploring the world.

Life is a journey and we all travel in life. Travelling gives you a refreshment, it gives you knowledge about the world. It helps you to explore distant places and know surroundings around us.

There are so many places to explore in our country India, India has been one of the most sought after tourist destination in the world. One such place is dev bhoomi uttarakhand.

The valley of mountains in the laps of Himalayas has been one of the most visited places for all sort of tourism be it honeymoon, adventure, or just a summer holiday.

When we travel, we always seek nice places to stay during the entire journey which can help us to refresh from the tiredness of traveling and a calm spot for spending our nights.

Now a days people always tend to spot places which are economical, close to nature and soothing to the mind.

One such place is Hots Hostel it is the first hiking hostel in India.

Located at a very isolated place in mid of a jungle surrounded by mountains.

Started in early 2017 hots hostel properties dates back to the British era and buildings are somewhere close to almost 150 year old.

The main aim of hots hostel is to promote tourism in Uttarakhand.

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Hots Hostel started with a concept to bring people close to nature and help them to spend time exploring mountains and real life forest with cool and clean environment.

READ  Chicago RPA startup Catalytic hauls in $30M Series B

They have expanded to 2 properties in last 6 months and are growing rapidly.

Soon they are planning to acquire third property by the mid of october 2017.

The most important and interesting thing about hots hostel is their continuous efforts and strive for making solo female travelers feel safe during their entire stay.

You can enjoy the mouth watering food prepared by the inhouse cafe either sitting in the open area and admiring the nature or you can also enjoy your food sitting inside the cosy and royal interiors.

They also have a 24 hour pantry available where you can even experiment with your own culinary skills.

You can even contribute your artistic skills to the organization if you happen to be an artist or a musician and they will ensure that you are rewarded by their great discounts on your stay.

If you choose to take a break and plan to go for a journey soon hots hostel is your best bet together with exploring your hobby and spend a time finding a true yourself. For More Details Kindly connect

+91 9594801029
panther estate jeolikote, near nancy convent school
Patwa Dunga, Uttarakhand
263127 India
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