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Just Grow, Don’t stress about space

Your Space has changed the space dynamics for those people who need more space whether for personal or business use.
Your Space, brings self storage to India, It is a service designed by professionals with rich experience in storage solutions and is educating the Indian market and helping it to evolve.

How YOUR SPACE is the ideal storage solution?

Personal Storage:

Due to the small living spaces in the urban cities combined with higher Income levels, we see a high positive correlation between gross storage space per person and nominal GDP per capita. Growing affluence indicates that people are likely to accumulate more possessions and thus need additional space in which to store them. As such, there is a rising growing demand in personal self storage space. Also, there are times in an individual’s life when changes are happening fast and one needs to keep up without getting rid of their things that take up space, which have value to them, or which they may need in future. In such situations, its best to box such items and store away, until life settles a bit and one decides what to do next. This is where YOUR SPACE comes in- to give that extra bit of storage space to you, just as an extension to your homes. It provides an innovative way for individuals and businesses to store their possessions more conveniently, whether due to any life changes or just simply due to need of extra storage space. They offer a flexible and cost effective solution. Your Space steps in as your personal butler, keeping your things safe and secure and returning on request. It is valet service:  They pick, collect, store and return right from your doorstep.
Your Space wants to make a difference in an individual’s lifestyle. No matter how small space requirement one has, it wants to be able to create it for them. Be it relocation, renovating home, safekeeping old furniture creating space for the new family member, getting married, relocating/renovating, divorce, retirement, death— whatever the reason, Your Space has the solution. At all stages of life having your things in order and reclaiming your personal space can lead to peace of mind.

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Read more about it: https://www.yourspacedoctor.com/

Business Storage:

Concrete measures by the Modi government has led to improvement in business climate and its positive attitude toward economic reforms have been healthy dynamics that has fostered domestic as well as regional growth. Your Space provides a flexible alternative for businesses that do not want to sign long-term leases and prefer to rent an appropriately-sized space from a self storage provider instead of a large warehouse where much of the space may go unused. Business firms need that additional space, at lower cost, to store items related to their business. E-commerce retailers, smaller online retailers can also use YOUR SPACE services to facilitate last-mile delivery, with their logistics and inventory solutions.

Flexible Business Space. Grow your business with YOUR SPACE
Renting warehouse space at Your Space can save you up to 70% on your storage costs. That’s because, unlike traditional warehousing, at Your Space, there are no business rates to pay. There are no service or utilities charges and you don’t have to pay extra for security and lighting. YOUR SPACE offers flexible rental options; there are no long term storage leases or complicated contracts to sign. You just pay one all-inclusive price.
Businesses that use YOUR SPACE services include large companies (for archival and document storage) as well as SMEs and start-ups.

Read more about it: https://www.yourspacedoctor.com/BusinessStorage.aspx

Speciality Storage:

Your Space also provides climate controlled environment for your most sensitive and cherished assets. They offer some of the highest safety and security standards for high value assets or special items that need strict climate control. Every aspect of these exclusive speciality storage perimeter that have been diligently planned and benchmarked against the highest global standards. From metal and wooden antiques to clothing, artifacts and electronics, your cherished valuables and collectibles need special protection when they are sensitive to environmental factors, temperature and humidity. YOUR SPACE climate-controlled facilities are built to extremely stringent specifications to ensure a long life for your cherished things.

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Read more about it : https://www.yourspacedoctor.com/SpecialityStorage.aspx
Genisis from a trusted legacy:

It is the brainchild of Ms. Disha Doctor and Mr. Viral Doctor (currently Director of OEC Records Management Co. Pvt. Ltd). OEC, established in 2000, offers end to end solution for records management in India, With over 600+ trained professionals, storage capacity of over 5 million cubic feet in 10 cities across India and state-of-art technology, infrastructure and proven record of offering most secure spaces, OEC is the most trusted name for records management in India. It clientele includes private banks, PSU banks, co-operative banks , foreign banks, insurance firms, shipping companies, hospitals, manufacturing companies, NBFC’s , CA firms, logistics firms, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Your Space is an aligned business and therefore, positions itself as a brand leader with growth opportunity that is well positioned with high quality and secured facilities across India. They have launched in Mumbai, Pune and Vadodara and will soon start Pan-India. They are also building towards having many more independent warehouse units which are centrally located within city limits across the country.
Your Space is a member of SSAA (Self Storage Association Asia.)
It is here to provide comprehensive storage solutions designed to meet your specific personal or business storage needs. The traditional models of warehousing and other transit service providers in India leave little options and flexibility for business owners and individuals. Your Space’s vision is to partner businesses and individuals in their quest for overcoming space constraints and bring world-class, professional and personalized service at their doorstep.

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