You love it, you hate it, and you can’t live without it! Healthcare IT is an evolving field. If we merge the benefits of Healthcare and technology to create massive synergies out of the two, then wonders would be seen coming up. One of the ways to carry out this is by improving the overall healthcare system, developing a holistic platform for healthcare facilities and simplifying medical administration. The evolution of healthcare over the past years has been massive. According to a new Deloitte 2018 report “An aging population combined with advances in medical therapy and rising labor costs are expected to drive healthcare spending 4.1% higher over the next four years.” Out of all of the industries, healthcare is definitely one of the most important industries to benefit from technology. It is under revolutionary reform, wherein people are moving towards storing medical records digitally in the form of Digital X-ray, Digital MRI, etc. This merger is responsible for improving and saving countless lives all around the world.
However the growth between the healthcare and technology is not synced. Despite of all the innovative technological advancements the healthcare industry has only been able to touch the tip of the iceberg. To reach the wider population we need a platform which brings together the doctors and patients without any hassle. Here steps in OnFiveFingers. Now quality healthcare services will be just a click away. Using the ease and huge advent of technology in the storage domain, we at OnFiveFingers use cloud based storage system which will enable users to access their health / medical records at any time and place in the world, making them available for use by their medical practitioners also.
Onfivefingers can be seen as the one stop solution for the patients and will help the doctors too. Considering a situation where a patient is suffering due to his health, stuffing him with the burden of handling data regarding health, doctor’s report, medical documents etc. will only add to a patient’s misery. The problem begins with a search for the best professional, and after that doing rounds of discussion with the doctors. OnFiveFingers is one such platform for the people where they can meet the best professional and avail quality healthcare services. As the name suggests, the quality services will be just a click away.
This kind of platform aids the patients keep a track of all hospital related documents, their dosage and bills. Some features of this platform can be defined as follows which will be of holistic importance to the patients are
  • Patient Profile: The platform provides a bird’s eye view of all the residents with their complete medication summary. This allows caregivers to decide handily which resident/patient needs immediate attention and the order of highest priority.
  • Resident Details: The platform serves useful information such as general demographic information of patients, set of vital signs, allergies, diets, diagnosis etc with a clear and easy to use interface to view the scheduled activities for a patient.
  • Medication Profile: The platform takes care of the entire medication administration process for the patient. It consists of all the orders given to a patient from medication orders to PRN orders to treatment orders.
  • Flash icons: Flash icons act as an effective tool in alternate care setting. These icons are visible globally across the system and are used to indicate patient’s due medications, late medications, treatments due, low inventory levels for medications etc. Consider them as pop ups shown on out television to get the recharge done of the DTH.
  • Messaging: This feature allows sending the messages to support staff and facility members from within the application. The integrated messenger module ensures that the message is received by the intended recipient in a secured and an efficient manner.
  • Reports: Flexible and powerful reporting to ensure that overall medication administration efficiency across a facility is improved so that the accountability audits are just a click away. Some of the most important reports delivered through this platform include
    • Medication list: Caregivers can record medication list of all the residents.
    • MAR: Caregivers can fill-up the monthly medication chart which can be used by support staff to give and manage medications to Residents.
    • Vital Sign Summary: Caregivers can prepare a comprehensive report to record patient’s vital signs.
    • Physician Order Form: This report helps caregivers to send “continue med” or “stop med” order to a doctor.
    • Scheduler: Caregivers use this report to take the daily medication schedule of residents.
    • Destroyed Medication: Caregivers use this report to see the destroyed medication with proper reasons
    • Controlled Medication: Caregivers can track the controlled medication of residents.
These were some of the above well integrated feature of this platform. For individuals this is the most trusted platform to keep their data with 100% safety and privacy. As an individual, one can create their own profile before start keeping their medical records. OnFiveFingers is having highest degree of commitment towards safely and privacy of data. They understand that health records data are very personal and should be kept and viewed by the owners only. Therefore they have designed their system in a way where in no one can see others data. They have strictly designed their system where personal information should not flow from one id to another. None of the modules have data sharing provision. Doctors can see profiles, ONLY when user has granted the authorization. That authorization can be on long term, Or for very short period of time. Digital X-ray and Digital MRI are few things that are continuously being churned out in volumes. There still seems to be a gap in terms of storing the records and more importantly making use of them. OnFiveFingers tries to bridge this widened gap by enabling people to easily and securely store all their data. OnFiveFingers is committed in providing cutting edge services to the users. It is user friendly system designed meticulously by taking into consideration high user demands, user priorities. It is dedicated in employing two-pronged approach to service providing – creating a platform to keep medical records and Proactive health tracking.
This platform caters to the need of medical practitioners also; they can widen their reach of providing better treatment to more people. If one is a medical practitioner, one can help more people by making his presence on this portal. Their portal will offer the practitioner extremely easy interface to manage his day-to-day appointments. One can see all their active patients’ status by just one click. Doctors can see patient’s laboratory results as soon as it is ready with the lab. Following are the features embedded in this platform to help the practitioners-
  • Manage the practice using their extremely high end systems
  • With one click see all active patients
  • Easy setup follow-up appointment and updates
  • Easy to see medical records and history at a glance to know about patients
  • Send e-prescription to patients
  • Explore medical world, to know more about rare disease and what is happening in your territory.
  • Explore medicine worlds to know latest and best combinations
OnFiveFingers is committed to serving the society in the most secured and ethical way. Some of the ways to ensure this are –
  • Standard Compliance– OnFiveFingers follows healthcare IT industry standards such as HIPAA and HL7 for secured sharing and integration of key patient information. It is an accurate and a comprehensive system where the data is converted and carried across other healthcare systems in pharmacies, in a secured and reliable manner.
  • Medication Error Reduction– Past statistics convey that most of the medication errors are result of manual entry on papers which can really prove to be costly. A healthcare platform like OnFiveFingers has a sleek user interface and pharmacy integration ability that allows caregivers to enter all kinds of medication related data with proper accuracy.

With all the words written and read above, it is needless to mention the wave of innovation driven by our platform. We at OnFiveFingers are dedicatedly striving hard to create a holistic platform for all the medical related services used by people in the hospitals. So register on our platform to monitor, control and improve your health.
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