Onus, A way to outsource errands

People getting busier day by day. There are people of different categories live in Kolkata. Some busy with their office works, some busy with their own work and some are lazy. They all face similar kind of problem i.e. how they can complete their errands if they are busy in doing other things. Don’t you wish that you can book persons who are doing things on your behalf? This is especially when you are busy with work, other important matters or school. Well, it looks your wish can be fulfilled.
Onus, a Kolkata based online on-demand errand running service is here to serve your demands.
What is Onus?
Onus works as a platform for clients who want to get their errands done by someone when they are busy; for the task persons who want to earn a little extra cash by completing these few errands.
With an aim to be one stop app for all errands services, Onus has a wide range of service categories for clients to choose from, and the other hand Task doors can also choose what they want to do.
If the clients need his room to be cleaned or his medical report to be picked, he just needs to leave a request through What’s app or on Facebook, the verified task person will reach to him in half an hour to 45 mins.
“As our tagline goes:’ Work. Life .Balance’,” says Sarthak Chakraborty, Founder of Onus.
So how do Onus works?
Simple – clients will request what ever they needed to be completed through whats app and a phone call or Facebook page, Onus will send task doers for now, in future a website and a mobile application will be coming, through which client can book task doers according to their rates and reviews.
Sarthak Chakraborty says that when the app will release eventually it will be the best service app in Kolkata. He explains the idea came to his mind in late 2016.
” I decided to make it when I saw already this kind of companies exists, but they are not in Kolkata, while Kolkata is one of the metro cities in India, So the scope is good.” he says.
Challenges Faced
With a team of two only at the moment – Sarthak and his co-founder Abir- Executing the idea is a really big problem and without any kind of business knowledge and experience, it is a more challenging problem that Sarthak is facing right now.
As they are still in incubation with Kolkata ventures, an incubation providing company founded by Mr. Avelo Roy.
“The main challenge is to get into the market and get to know your customers. As we have researched about this as told by Kolkata ventures, we found many positive feedbacks. Some how we need to enter the market, so we are currently focused on delivery services that a small venture needs to reach out his customers at their doorstep.” Says Sarthak.
Onus ranges from students to corporate employees
” We say anyone can be a task doer. Our task doers can range from students, freelancers, stay home parents, small businesses and even corporate employees who want to earn extra money” Sarthak says.
Sarthak explains that one of the special factors of their service is that they try to connect busy people to the entrepreneurs who want to help the busy person in completing their errands, even small businesses get connected to serve public. Such as tailors, event management companies, packers and movers etc.
The onus will have specialists for a wide range of services and all the task doers will go through an extensive back ground check, so this can remove dishonesty and this will increase the trustability.
The payment will be done only after the consumer is satisfied with the task does’s work and the quality of service will be good and there will be a little training before joining Onus as a task doer.
Onus will solve more than one problem. It solves the main issue with people needing help in running errands, but also creates jobs by allowing anyone to be task doer.
How the idea came
Mr. Sarthak has discussed his story how the idea came. ” I was living in Kolkata.One day I met with an accident. It was not very much serious but I got a leg injury. I was riding a bike with one my friend and due to some error in the bike we fell down and after that my leg got badly injured and I can’t walk at that time and when I had reached to my room I found that I even can’t move my leg. That night was very painful to me. Next morning, I was alone in my room and using my mobile phone and I was Hungry as well as I need some medicines that time. Then an idea struck in my head that why there is no application so that people can hire people for their errands. Like I will outsource my errands and hire a person and he will complete my task and after completion, I will pay him money. There are many applications for food delivery, medicine delivery even for hiring professional but there is no application to outsource your errands and get it done. At that time, I was having the leg issue but I was kind of excited to the idea. I had started researching the idea. In the USA there is a company called TaskRabbit, they are providing the same kind of service since 2008. In India, there are startups which can let you hire persons for few services and there are categories but there is no such platform where people can outsource their errands. Then I started making plans” says Sarthak Chakraborty founder of Onus.

And kolkata ventures website is

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