From People To Place: This Sports App Helps You To Rediscover The Joy Of Playing

In today’s scenario, watching sports has become a prominent thing when compared to getting on the field and kicking out some energy. Sports as an idea is ideally welcomed in Schools and Colleges. But once people slip into work and Adulthood, the idea of playing sports starts to slip out. Playo aims at bringing back the glory of sports in everyday lives by connecting the sports-embracing crowd to their requirements and necessities.
How Playo helps your discover sports-related content around you?
The major woes of anyone who is interested in playing sports is a) Not enough people to play with b) Not many venues to play at and c) Even if it exists how do I discover? Playo was started with a motive to answer these queries and also provide a solution to the same.
Initially Playo services were first launched in Bangalore, where most of the sports venues that provided exquisite sporting facilities were listed on the app. Through this service, the users get to pick a venue of their choice and make an online booking for the respective slots at the venue. This includes various sports like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, etc.
Finding people to play with is a humongous task in itself. But Playo bridges the gap between various sports enthusiasts spread across the city using two unique features, “Host a match” or “Join a match”. With these two features, you can go ahead and host a match of your choice and wait for people to join or you can simply request to join a match that is already being hosted by someone else.
Not just the venues and the players, you can get to know about the sports events happening in your city through the app. Be it a Marathon or a Badminton tournament or corporate Football events or even Kids’ tournaments, the Playo app lists numerous sports events happening in your locality. If you are a trek-lover then the app also lists some great weekend treks for you.
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Some special features on the app you need to know about:
The Playo app comes loaded with features to make the user experience sublime. The neat and solid UI keeps you engaged and leaves you less confused. Here are certain features in the app that you might want to be aware of:

  1. The concept of Karma:
    What the nation calls as “Cashback points” or “Reward points”, Playo calls it “Karma”. For bookings you make on the app, for hosting and joining events and for event registrations, you earn Karma points which can be redeemed during further bookings.
  2. Playostats:

Your statistics on Playo will come in handy when you are hosting a match or joining a match on the app. You can choose your skill level and your “Playpals” also get to rate your skill level after you have played a match and an average rating will be counted for further matches.

  1. Reschedule:

If you cannot make it to your game on the booked slot, you can choose to reschedule provided you satisfy the terms and conditions listed on the app.
Where is Playo available?
Playo has its major operations in the following Indian cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and is also operational in Dubai. The other Indian cities being covered by Playo are Delhi and Kolkata. They are soon looking to expand their operations in various other cities in India.
For more information and history about how it all began and to know more about the team, feel free to check out:
The app is available for free on Android (Play Store), iOS and Windows.
Android users can download the app here:
iOS users can download the app here:
Windows users can download the app here:
Apart from the app, the Playo blog also serves you with loads of information on sports venues around you, best venues, best sports gears and also playing tips that will help you get better at sports. From the “cheapest badminton shoes” to the “most expensive badminton rackets” in the market, the blog dishes you with ample sports knowledge. You can check out the blog here:

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