Provlem? Save the life – Anonymous Problem Solving is crowdsourcing consultancy community, where people can share their problem anonymously and get help from other users without knowing who is the person behind the problem.
Users in problem can also chat with other users anonymously from their problem.
The mission to start something like what today is “” begin a long time ago.
We all know, Everyone in this world has one or other provlem in their life, and sometimes some provlem brings disaster in people’s life.
People do not share much of their provlem with other people,

  1. Assuming how would people judge them afterwards or
  2. Sometime, they feel shy about sharing their provlem,
  3. Sometime, they don’t find right person to share their provlem who can understand their feeling,
  4. There are certain situation, where people have shared their provlem and has back fired them more.

Reasons are countless and it just never ends….
There is enough of stories from life issues, business provlem, help beyond own skills, suicide, depression, failure, unemployment to bully or sometimes even getting dominated by bad people in school, college, work, politician or bad parenting.
With increasing population and competition – Situation is more worst than you can even think of.
With all multiple stories and events in other people’s life – the situation like seeking advice or opinion from experts was always a thing and a life with no opinion or advice or solution to recover is, was and will always be hard and traumatizing.
The stories and problem go on and on but there are very fewer people who are lucky enough to have expert or influencing people around them who can help them to get over the problem.
Humanity has not end
We all know, humanity has not end!
There are people in the world who are inspirational to many and has inspired many life in various aspects. I would like to dedicate this community for all those Inspiring leaders, speaker, gurus and people around you. who have inspired the world to become a better place to live.
Purpose of is to help people share their provlem anonymously & connect with other users who can provide advice, chat or do audio-video calling in solving their provlem anonymously or non-anonymously.
When a person has provlem, Sometimes, they are not able to share with anyone for help. It could be because of IDENTITY ( assuming how would people judge, If I share my personal provlem ) Or other reason. wants to help everyone in solving their provlem in best possible way.
Join today and become part where our each success, failures can inspire millions, billions people around the world.

The concern

The major concern of not able to share problem can be sometimes become very very dangerous.

  • Sometimes, people go into deep depression and become mentally unstable to think and work properly.
  • In some case, the person even commits suicide when they could not find an alternative or solution to their problem.
  • In some cases, the person may become violent or face other hormonal imbalance, which could create a tragic or unwanted accident, impacting one or other’s life.

Concerns are countless and the impact is sometimes way more dangerous than one can even imagine.
In life, everyone has one or other problem and they face three challenges:-

  • Sometimes, they are not able to share their problem, assuming how would people judge them. In Short, they do not want to reveal their Identity.
  • Even if they share their problem, they only do with friends, family, relatives or people who are closer to them.
  • And not necessarily, above people can give the better advice or solution, as they may or may not be experts for a shared problem.

Welcome to the world of Inspiring community – Where you can share your problem without being worried about anything.

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