STARTUPS, an online hotel aggregator only for Corporates

Aims at saving 30% in the annual hotel costs is here to build the biggest sustainable travel ecosystem
“” is an online hotel aggregator and a transaction based model that helps corporates for their hotel stays. It provides a booking platform wherein the Corporates can find the same hotel from 70+ websites on one single screen, which includes major hotel chains and also independent hotels and resorts.
RoomsXpert, a B2B travel website, conceptualized in the year 2016, is definitely here to make a difference. The website offers the users an option to make hotel room reservations in 87,500 cities in 190+ countries around the world. It provides a hotel reservation system and promises to offer unmatched options in the market.

From a hotel booking website servicing retail customers in Africa, RoomsXpert has evolved into a platform that offers more than 10 lakh hotel options around the world via its tie-ups with several B2B and B2C companies. Not just that, the service also guarantees that users will be able save at least 30 per cent in their annual hotel costs. is here to build the biggest sustainable travel ecosystem with hotels and Corporates connected to its platform.
Rahul Chauhan, the founder of, says, “The primary idea behind this venture was to provide users what they want. In this venture, the target group are Corporates and provides them a wide option of hotels to select and book with guaranteed savings. We believe in continuous innovation in business till customers finally start accepting it. And once they do, the cycle begins again”. RoomsXpert has managed to write an impressive growth story in such a cut-throat industry. Rahul signs off with “RoomsXpert only has itself to compete with.”
Being a self funded company, they made sure they remained focussed on augmenting their customer base. Since RoomXpert is based on a transaction based model, the company continually endeavours to increase its volumes so as to consequently increase its revenue.
With the motto, Offering matchless service, RoomsXpert is aiming to be the best not only in terms of product, but also customer preference and technology. So, if you are looking at a substantial value alongside, get your corporate login created with

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