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There is an enchanting beauty in not knowing something. It creates this urge to know more and more about it. There’s beauty in strolling through the unknown realms of the universe and the beauty increases when one uncovers the meaning and nature and scope of it. The key to open all the doors of mystery: SCIENCE!! It is an ever increasing realm and the study of ‘SPACE’ occupies a major “space” in SCIENCE.

Society for Space Education, Research and Development [SSERD] is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to foster the love for space studies in the minds of youngsters.

SSERD is the personification of Mr. Sujay’s dreams. He is an Aircraft maintenance engineer by profession. His interests were always inclined towards Space Studies. He had to undergo a lot of difficulties and learnt everything on his own. He wanted to lend a helping hand and cater to the needs of similar minds. The formation of the team of SSERD was the realization of an ordinary man’s extraordinary dream.

The team comprises of Mr Sujay Sreedhar, the founder and Chairman, Ms. Nikhitha C, the CEO, Mr. Abhishek the COO and over hundreds of volunteers from various parts of the country. The volunteers are minds with genuine interest in Space Studies. They join the team from various parts of the Nation.

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The organization works full fledged to achieve greater heights and to reach out to the maximum number of people with genuine interest in this realm of studies.
It organizes events and workshops all around the country in order to elevate the interest in space studies. It nurtures the inquisitive minds and employs passion and commitment as opposed to machines and paid work. The various programmes by the ever growing NGO includes,

1. Aerospace camps with the sole aim of imparting knowledge pertaining to the practical know-how on hydro rockets, aero modelling and the like.
2. Space camps which are ‘edutainment’ personified. It gives information with regard to the perennial questions of space science and cultivates the interest of the youth.
3. Field trips to Aerospace institutions and organizations to open vistas to the beauty of space studies and the vast scope of it.
4. Sky Gazing- “seeing is believing” and SSERD lets people believe in and explore the magic of the universe.
5. Technical Interaction with Scientists- “knowledge has a beginning, but it does not end.” SSERD acts as a forum where interested minds get to interact with experts and are exposed to their perspectives and opinions.
6. Space Science and other Technical competitions, Symposiums etc. As a part of retaining and encouraging the interests of the people, it organizes and conducts competitions on Model Rocketry, Aeromodelling, Space Olympiad, National level article writing competition and many more.
7. Internships and Projects-monthly interns are taken up and projects concerned with space are discussed.
8. Technical and Career Guidance-It has an enthusiastic team of engineers and professionals who caters to the need of the young minds who are interested in space science. The team helps to remove glitches on the way and provides guidance.


It has done numerous workshops and camps till date. The team shows up at every clan that possess love for the Space. The camps conducted at RGUKT, Telangana, Alliance University, Oakridge International School and also at Azim Premji University are commendable ones which stand as a milestone for the organization.

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“I have a dream” the very famous speech by Martin Luther king. The ‘I’ turned into ‘we’ and ‘us’ in a very short span of time and soon the dream moulded itself into reality. SSERD has a dream. A dream of spreading love. Love for the Space. It aims at;

• Making Space Science a part of the school curriculum. The Nation lies in the hands of the children. They are the citizens of tomorrow. To start from the grass roots is the best method and SSERD has recognized it.

• To bring out the talents of students, “Young Mind” program.

• To set up space studio. These are ‘spaces’ where there are Human gyroscopes, Micro gravity room, Models and the like. It acts like an amusement park for the Space lovers.
• To start a TV channel dedicated to Space.
• To build student satellites

The vision and mission of SSERD is to create a space for all the Space lovers out there. Interests are to be nurtured and that’s what is done at SSERD.

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Contact Number: +91 8861963216

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