This startup from Delhi aims to declutter the web for you


There’s just too much content on the internet and you cannot consume it all. The fact of the matter is most of the content is bad. Whatever good content that might add value to us is lost in the sea of memes and trolls. The need of the hour is rated and reviewed content. This is the very problem that Opynyn aims to solve.

Opynyn is a startup from Delhi founded by Gaurav Saini, an IIT Ropar alumnus that aims to declutter the internet and its content and provide a clean and friendly experience to the users. The site was launched in early January 2018 and has seen a steady increase in the number of users, there have been more than 3000 user signups since it’s launch. They aim to market the brand name and make it known on the internet and as their next step, they will be launching an android application as well making it easier for the users to access the site anytime on the go.


The site aims to provide a platform for users to share content with each other but unlike other sites that do the same Opynyn also filters and provides content tailored specifically towards the user’s preference and interests. The platform allows the user to write their opinions on any article, similar to a comment on a post and also with an upvote and downvote system present, the user can rate the submission which in turn also helps to filter the contents and cut through the clutter, cleaning and moderating the site.

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Platform follows the motto of ‘sharing is caring’ and provides user the ability to create collections of content. Say any user is an expert on Node.js, he can then form a collection of articles and videos to get started with Node.js which can really help someone who is new to this stuff. Further, you can vote the collections up or down, so the best collections surface up. The number of collections is increasing each day as unique content with varying topics are submitted. Users can also follow and view the submissions, collections, and opinions of other users as well and rate them or write their own opinions on the subject making it a very community driven website. The site has a reputation system, like the Karma system of Reddit, and a  badge system which is awarded after completing certain tasks like submitting a post, upvoting or following others which encourages the users to interact with others and be active in the community as well, making it more social and it also shows how active a user is and their contribution towards the site.


Opynyn generates a unique profile for each user based on the content they submit, rate and posts they view along with the users they follow which helps to tailor the content that is provided and remove unwanted posts and articles that the user might not be interested in. The site also implements artificial intelligence and machine learning which helps label the content with relevant tags and helps to recommend content to the users. The people behind this site are dedicated to providing a clean, easy to use experience where they can view posts, news, videos from across the internet without the hassle of searching through the cluttered and dense sea of data and irrelevant content. Opynyn aims to simplify your browsing habits.

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