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Launched as a start-up by a Gurugram-based firm, Tapp Me is a one-stop solution for all renovation, installation, repair, and maintenance services for homes as well as offices. Tapp Me is owned by Zaadoo Services Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the leading service providers of big and small repair and maintenance work in the Indian market.

Venturing into Excellence

Tapp Me offers customised solutions for all kinds of repair work in a hassle-free manner. An emerging brand and a trusted partner, Tapp Me offers skilled technicians and workers. Be it any home or office, Tapp Me has solution to every problem that is related to repair and maintenance.

Meet the Team

  • Tapp Me was founded by successful entrepreneurs, Snehanshu Gandhi and Gaurav Shrishrimal. Snehanshu Gandhi, alumni of the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), put in his passion and dedication into making Tapp Me a 300-plus strong enterprise. His expertise in finance and strategy brought excellence to the repair and maintenance field, thus paving a successful way for Tapp Me’s emerging market.
  • With an ardent interest in science and technology, Gandhi has also studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay; and specialized in metallurgic engineering. He has also worked with Goodhope Asian Holdings Limited prior to starting the venture, Tapp Me.
  • Gaurav Shrishrimal, the co-founder of Tapp Me, who heads the company’s core operations, has studied engineering and material sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His academic achievements and strategic excellence have positively contributed to the growth of Tapp Me.
  • Shrishrimal, who had a keen interest in investment, had worked as an investment banker with Credit Suisse prior to co-founding Tapp Me. During his tenure with Credit Suisse, Shrisrimal worked closely with formulating market flow analysis and inventory management.

Surpassing Brilliance

An exciting thing about Tapp Me is that it is a team of young and vibrant enthusiasts, who aim to offer the best quality services along with reliable manpower. With Tapp Me around, people no more have to struggle with repair and maintenance work. Be it air conditioners, plumbing, carpentry, electrician, appliances, or any other products that need assistance, Tapp Me is the single point of contact. They offer doorstep services within an affordable price range. Tapp Me also provides a 15-day warranty for all its services and promises to rectify any error on behalf of its employees. Moreover, the company also undergoes a detailed background verification of all their employees in accordance with the set government rules.

You Tap It – They Cap It!

With the tap of a finger, people can now easily hire professional plumbers, electricians, or repair workers. Following a simple rule which says – customers are our assets – Tapp Me aims to provide hassle-free services to their customers as well as maintain transparency and authenticity in their services. An interesting bit about Tapp Me is that it provides as a platform for the creation of job opportunities for young people. With an array of solutions for all the needs ranging from basic to advanced, Tapp Me aims to implement best advanced practices to serving their customers.

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