“Tech4Planet – A New Promising Indian Start-Up Launched a Set of Twitter Automation Tools”


Tech4Planet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Start-Up based in Delhi NCR and they have come up with two twitter automation tools. 

1) Tweet-in Style (www.socialblaster.guru/tweet-in-style.html)

Tweet-in-Style allows you to tweet in more than 140 characters and it also allows you to tweet with beautiful backgrounds and themes. This is a nice way to showcase your brand and express your mood. You must have observed since last few months Facebook has given an option to post any status with some predefined backgrounds, you can choose your favorite background the post your text on Facebook with the selected background. Tweet-in-Style provides similar capabilities on twitter. The best part is Tech4Planet has made this tool available to public free of cost and you can give your twitter handle an artistic look without any cost involved. To tweet in style you can visit www.socialblaster.guru/tweet-in-style.html.

2) Tweeter Blaster

The second tool “Twitter Blaster” allows you to create your twitter team on their platform and all your friends and followers can join your twitter team once your team is created and people have subscribed to your team then all you have to do is to tweet from your handle and the tweets tweeted from your profile will be automatically retweeted from all your team member’s profile. This way you can trend any #Tag if you have good no of people joining your twitter team. While the 1st tool is offered free by Tech4Planet they have put some price on their second tool. To enquire about the product you can contact Tech4Planet at [email protected].

Tech4Planet has said that their platform www.socialblaster.guru will bring lots of other social media automaton tools which will change the face of social media marketing in India and globally. The team is working hard to come up with the marketing and advertising solution which will reduce the effort and multiply the effects.

The start-up (Tech4Planet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) has been started by 4 people of very diverse profiles who were brought together by the controversial and popular India Against Corruption Movement and Aam Aadmi Party and they decided to form a company to help the planet through technology.

1) Neeraj Kumar (CEO)
It’s CEO Neeraj Kumar is  a young 28 years old entrepreneur who started his career with Infosys later he left his job to join the public movement which was at it’s peak in India at that time. Later Neeraj did MBA from reputed Delhi Technological University (DTU).  After his MBA Neeraj worked in another start-up as a CEO. He has also worked with political outfits and media house and helped them in strategy making and implementation. Later he decided to open his own along with the partners. His expertise lies in IT, Digital Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Consulting etc.

2) Ravi Sharma (CTO)

Tech4Planet’s CTO is Ravi Sharma who is based in London had also started his career with Infosys and is considered as a magician Java Developer. Ravi Sharma has over 14 years of strong IT experience working with top MNCs of the world. He is considered as a magician in Server side application development using core Java/J2EE technology, besides this he has 6 years of experience in working in Agile (TDD) environment. Ravi also expertise in Digital Advertisement and in Financial Domain like Investment Banking, Fixed Income (Interest Rate Swaps, FRA, Swaption etc. products), Bonds, Grid Computing and Banking (Credit/Debit card) transactions and their billing. Ravi Sharma was a key person behind creating IT and Social Media platforms for Aam Aadmi Party.

3) Faheem Khan(COO)

Its COO Faheem Khan has been a veteran in the fields of Advertising, Marketing and Event Management. As a director, he has run a company very successfully catering to top MNC and Fortune 500 companies as his client. With nearly two decades of experience of the industry Faheem brings lots of experience and expertise. Faheem has been a crucial part of one of the India’s biggest and most successful campaigns.

4) Falguni Patadia (Director R&D and Client Relations)

The fourth director is Dr. Falguni Patadia who lives in Maryland, U.S.A and is a renowned researcher. She has a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and currently works as an Aerosol Scientist. Computational Data Mining and statistical analysis form a good part of her scientific research. For over a decade, she has worked with deprived students from rural India, thus empowering social change through educational opportunities. Since 2011, Dr. Patadia has remotely been a part of few social initiatives and campaigns in India which gave her exposure to diverse areas.

With people of strong backgrounds and zeal to continuously innovate to make useful products for the people Tech4Planet promises to be a good start-up and we hope they will continue to create good IT Products to help the people.

To know more about Tech4Planet you can visit their website www.tech4planet.com“.

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