This Startup Takes Care Of The Safety Of Woman Working In Kitchen With Its Innovative Product.


India, a country enriched with a vast combination of array of cultures, traditions and religions. It is a country with unique and rich heritage and with a magnificent blend of performing arts, literature, architecture and most importantly one of the world’s most diverse, exotic and exciting flavours of the Indian cuisine.

Every child in India has the sweetest and the most amazing memory of ‘food’ or ‘khana’, of their mothers cooking the world’s best food. No new skills, techniques, any variety of exotic ingredients, any five-star kitchens or best chefs could ever be comparable to homemade daal-chawal, with ‘lots of love’ and ‘ghee loaded’.

A great number of Indian women not only mothers but also grandmothers, sisters, aunts, wives etc spend a large number of hours in the kitchen to serve us love on the table. With LPG now being easily available to majority of the Indian population is a big step of development. Now, women back in the villages no more have to blow their lungs out to keep the ‘chullah’ going. Convenient and easy access to resources of energy in the rural areas of the country has benefited a large number.

As quoted “every boon can be a bane”. Kitchen safety is a serious issue. Overflow of gas supply, leakage of gas cylinders leading to cylinder blasts and an untamed fire could result in serious injury to our loved ones.

With a step not only towards kitchen safety but also an initiative towards better and easy future and sustainable use of resources and an open platform for employment opportunities, BLUE LPG GAS PVT. LTD. is the door towards a better tomorrow.

Saket Choure at an early age of 20 started his journey of incorporation of BLUE LPG GAS PVT LTD in 2015. Young minds they say have the best ideas. So here was one to a better future.

It wasn’t a cake walk for him either as it is not for every other kid around the corner. The biggest milestone was convincing his parents, to make them believe in his idea, his thoughts and his vision. He made them see a better tomorrow with his constant toil and a concrete business plan.

It took him one and a half years of struggle thereafter, to finally get the licence to establish a LPG bottling plant on a land 40km away from the city of Nagpur. He leased this piece of land from his family, with a hope to do justice to his family inheritance. After visiting a number of banks and private finance institutions who refused a loan for explosive products, State Bank of India came as a saviour.

Soon thereafter he began with the construction of the factory. He was also invited to Asia LPG Summit in Delhi, during the early days of establishment of the factory. Little did he know that this Summit would be a gateway to bringing live his paper made dream. He came across an attractive composite non-inflammable cylinder until which he thought his business plan to be just a dream.

He then started seeking for distributors and agencies to cater to his needs and showcase his products for sale. It took him near about 6 months of time then to do so. After having a hundred of meetings with people of different business backgrounds and putting forward to them his business ideas and the working, he finally made deals with twenty five agencies. It was then he saw this dream actually becoming a legit reality.

His hard work, day to day struggle, investments in time, money and mind were finally falling in place to give him his desired results and making him see the future vision even more clearly.

The products will be launching by June 2018, with a number of twenty five outlets. He is already working to set his foot in Raipur and Bhopal too and in the future the map too.


BLUE GAS is a brand name operating under the LPG INDUSTRY in India. BLUE GAS is a private limited company. The company has its own dedicated LPG bottling plant in Raibasa village. Tehsil- Saoner, District– Nagpur. The company has a strong presence in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Cylinder Bottling. Plant shall be managed by experienced and technically competent professionals to ensure that the organization’s plan, as well as targets can be realized in good time.

Blue LPG Gas has a long-standing reputation as a leading provider of safe, reliable, and efficient LPG solutions. This reputation provides an important advantage in building and maintaining strong relationships with our customer, and is reflected in the Group’s existing customer base in LPG. BLUE GAS is seen as a synonym for innovation in the LPG industry.

About its PRODUCTS

Its new generation composite cylinder made of fibre glass are non-corrosive, light in weight, have a translucent body, high-tech and most importantly explosion proof.

They are achieving to provide you a service with a better quality and a true value for the money you pay.

They are not only catering to domestic households but also providing industrial cylinders, and soon to be launching there after a wide range of kitchen appliances and gadgets and utensils.

About its SERVICES

  • A three hour guaranteed delivery.
  • A 24 x 7 on call support.
  • Free home delivery at your door step.
  • RFID tracking and security.
  • Additional offers and vouchers.

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