ufaber: Revolutionising online education through tech and Hyperpersonalisation

For years, the front runners of classroom teaching have denounced online teaching methods citing problems such as quality and inconsistency of training methodologies. This evident reluctance to the adoption of online education has stunted its propagation of quality education and training, ultimately leading to only a privileged few having access to online education. There was a dire need of having students educated through affordable hyper-personalized training programs in every corner of the country.

Rohit Jain and Anirudh Swarnkar, co-founders of ufaber, addressed this problem. Alumni of IIT-Bombay, Rohit and Anirudh have excelled in the edu-tech fields before ufaber. While Rohit co-founded Mexus Education, Anirudh is a seasoned professional of the edu-tech industry.

Rohit’s expertise led him to turn Mexus Education into a leading K12 education company. He has kick-started various trends in the edu-tech field, which includes design labs, smart classes, game-based learning. His exposure to various roles made him dominate the areas of e-commerce, franchise sales, marketing, product development, and team building. Rohit is considered a pro when it comes to product development and sales strategies.

Anirudh has had a career spanning across 13 years in the education and technology sector. He has handled various roles in the fields of designing curriculum, learning centers, workshops, curriculum development, and SCPs. Anirudh being a creative person is much more inclined towards his love for children’s books, toys, and educational games.

What makes ufaber standout?

A student-centric approach towards teaching and learning is what sets ufaber apart from all its competitors. Evaluation of each student’s competency enables ufaber to design his or her hyper-personalized study plans. The first step towards effective learning is the formation of a student-trainer pair. Learning is conveyed through live interactive video sessions, which gives a highly result-oriented output. The trainers ensure unwavering support and personal mentorship while strictly adhering to the study plans. Frequent assessment and evaluation sessions are conducted to understand the grasping ability and understanding of the student.

Furthermore, ufaber provides students with a repository of knowledge through a well-equipped library of video content available on-demand.

eMaester: The train-the-trainer unicorn

It is extremely important to take control of your lives, especially when you are a woman. While there are numerous programs across the internet that talk about empowering women, there are very few that actually do the job. And one of those is ‘eMaester’.

The eMaester program was conceptualized to tap and utilize the hidden and under-represented talents of passionate educators across the world. ufaber teaches them the systems and content to enable them to help thousands of students achieve their goals. They also offer guaranteed employment post completion of training from the comfort of one’s own home.

The eMaester program has ensured favourable circumstances to the educated unemployed workforce with an opportunity for economic gain within the comfort of their home, who before were constrained from seeking active jobs due to personal or family constraints. Interestingly, eMaester has opened a pandora of opportunity to the fairer sex from Tier-II cities who today constitute the majority of the trainers ufaber has. This program encourages women coming from pressing circumstances to become a certified trainer and come onboard with ufaber to educate students depending on their teaching capabilities, bandwidth to work during the day and interests, ensuring financial independence.

eMaester’s goal is to have consistent quality of teaching on a single platform as the interested people could be graduates or middle-aged and above (men and women) with mid-level language proficiency. This program will ensure the standard of educating is maintained across the platform. This 1-month course is offered by ufaber at an affordable fee of INR 35,000 with a promised ROI of one year.

Growth Trajectory

ufaber has raised in the tune of 3 crores between 2013 and 2015, from Individuals, friends, and family. They have bootstrapped their way since then to 10 Lakhs+ registered learners, 30,000+ paid customers, 1200+ Trainers.

Apart from providing courses for IELTS, PTE, UPSC, and GATE, below are some innovative programs launched by ufaber.

1. Fluent Life – The lack of English fluency proves to be a barrier to personal as well as professional development. At Fluent Life, ufaber offers trainer-led, English fluency courses that shape your English language for whatever goal you aspire, be it Business English or Interview Preparation.

2. BeingPro – To launch your career with confidence, ufaber helps reinvent your potential and boost your effectiveness to help you grow in your career.

3. Real School – A multi-disciplinary curriculum where ufaber adopts project-based approach coupled with one-on-one mentorship and with focus on skills of the future. This prepares children for jobs of 2040!

Apart from revolutionizing learning, ufaber strives to provide consistent study plans across its platforms, while also strictly monitoring the progress of its students. ufaber’s thorough analysis and crystal clear objective has made its mission successful by making education easily accessible, well monitored and highly personalized.

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