With 15M Followers from 40 Countries, Sadcasm Aims to Expand Its Reach to 25M by 2020

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Their website – focuses on the latest trends on internet.

According to the market research the number of internet users worldwide in 2018 was 4.021 billion, up 7 percent year-on-year. The number of social media users worldwide in 2018 was 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year.
Meet Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad, who believed in experimenting with social media platforms unless they were able to open a social media platform – Sadcasm.
Within 6 months, Sadcasm became a popular name on social media platforms. A Facebook page with 15 million followers, which in turn has caught the attention of many online promotion and marketing firms.
They have an editorial team who creates posts that people can relate to 24×7. Their website – focuses on the latest trends on internet.
According to Meet Luthra, “Our goal is to reach to as many people as we can and push our limits as a source of entertainment. Sadcasm has followers from almost 40 countries. We aim to expand our reach to 25 Million by 2020
Speaking on the how they are targeting the youth, Rakesh Prasad says, ” 90% of our target audience is aged 18-25. We attract mainly youth from around the world, this is the reason I believe they are following us is because we post positive things mostly. We stay away from controversial posts and focus on sarcasm as the same time. We not only follow trends but also create our own. That’s what makes Sadcasm unique from other social media pages.”
Rakesh Prasad did bcom and was preparing for MBA and Meet Luthra was doing bcom. They both left their studies to focus on this market that was growing on social media. A market which is the concoction of entertainment and advertisement. So they started experimenting on this market leaving their studies till they came with the idea of Sadcasm.
The idea was unique because after their research they found out that there are basically two categories of pages that run on social media sites. Either it is a Saddistic one or a Sarcastic one. So they opted to mix those and create Sadcasm. Sad but Sarcastic.
While Meet Luhtra further reiterates, “We mainly focus on sarcastic posts. As our page’s motto is “Sad but Sarcastic”. But we also cover all other genres as well. We post regarding recent trends and news also. But the main category that we aim is Sarcastic, because we want our followers who are having a rough day to have something to smile about when they are scrolling our timeline on Facebook.”
From their experience thus far, they believe is the most important factor to keep in mind to become successful in such an online platform is an aim to relate to your audience.
“The aim was to connect to as many people as we can. Our page’s motto is “Sad but Sarcastic. So our aim was to bring smile on someone’s face who is going through a rough day,” concludes Rakesh Prasad.

Source: BW Disrupt

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