Workplace Productivity: 5 Tech Pieces You Need to maximize your Output

Technology has become the foundation of a productive work environment – without it, the modern employee wouldn’t be able to maintain top performance on a daily basis. While it is true that you can be your own worst enemy and greatest ally, and that motivation and productivity stem from a positive mindset, introducing smart tech can really help you take your mental game to the next level.
workplace productivity: 5 tech pieces you need to maximize your output
These include peripherals such as dual monitors, noise-canceling headphones and those intoxicating “clicky” keyboards that sound like you’re typing on an old-school typewriter, but there are also some more refined tech solutions that can make a profound impact on your daily performance. Here are the tech pieces you absolutely need in the office.
A wireless charging desk
A wireless what? You read that right, nowadays the office space is all about connectivity and wireless technology, finally eliminating miles of tangled wiring across the board and creating a seamless look that’s not just appealing to the eye but also boasts of some pretty amazing benefits as well.
First off, a charging desk will make forgetting your chargers at home (or losing them for good) a stress-free experience. Secondly, you can keep all of your gadgets that have wireless charging enabled topped-off at all times, ready to be taken on the road at a moment’s notice. There’s nothing worse than having to take your laptop to a meeting with the battery half-dead, and this is one nifty solution that’ll put an end to your charging problems.
Dual screens for the win
If you’re still running your rig on a single monitor in 2018, the time has come for an upgrade. Quite simply, why try to cram all your work on a single screen when you can spread it evenly across a second, or even third monitor? You can set it up for seamless interaction and smooth transitions from one side to the other so that you can easily keep track of all of your tasks simultaneously.
workplace productivity 5 tech pieces you need to maximize your output 1
If you’re not a fan of having a whole other monitor cluttering up your workstation, then consider mounting portable screens on the sides of your main monitor! Use the USB ports on each side to connect another, smaller screen and you will have built yourself a super-wide setup without compromising on spaciousness.
An ultra-fast hard drive
One of the essential additions every modern laptop or PC needs is a powerful hard drive. You might have an octa-core processor under the hood, you might have the latest graphics card, and you even might have RAM for days, but if you’re still running on an HDD, you’re missing out on performance and as a result, your own productivity will suffer as well.
Nowadays, HDDs are obsolete, and the more powerful SSDs are taking over the throne of fast-performing storage units. These usually come with an inflated price tag, so be sure to find affordable brands such as the new line of Samsung SSD units that don’t compromise on quality. Overall, replacing your old HDD with a roomy SSD will bring the greatest improvement for your overall PC and laptop experience.
Tune out the noise
There are people who have no problem focusing on their work when all hell is breaking loose around the office, but for most, noise can be a debilitating issue that can severely impact their performance and productivity on a daily basis. Whether you’re working in a hectic office environment, or even if you’re working from home, you still need to tune out the noise in order to maintain top productivity and mental clarity.
workplace productivity 5 tech pieces you need to maximize your output 2
You can achieve this easily by putting on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, or you can splurge on a more technologically-advanced solution that uses area noise cancellation technology. Either way, banishing the noise from your work environment is a prerequisite for a productive day, so don’t let your surroundings influence your work in a negative way.
Bring the printer into the 21st century
Ah, the printer. Most of the time, it’s either jammed, out of ink, or already doing the bidding of your colleagues, so it’s only natural to hate it. However, the printer needn’t be a recurring character in your nightmares anymore, because modern versions of this nasty contraption aim to banish these problems altogether.
Yes, finally you have the option to switch out your old printer for a contemporary model that doesn’t use ink cartridges, works wirelessly, and boasts smart software to boot. With a much larger paper tray and a user-friendly touchscreen interface, you can expect the 21st-century printer to easily clear the bad reputation set by its predecessors and allow productivity levels around the office to rise exponentially. Just imagine: a printer that actually does its job in a matter of seconds.
Productivity in the workplace should not be blatantly expected or demanded, but rather it should be incentivized and inspired through the careful implementation of contemporary technology. With these essential gadgets occupying your workstation and boosting the performance of your computer, you should have no problem taking workplace productivity to a whole new level around the office.
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